Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nobody or Everybody...

Nobody or Everybody…

When frustration sets in, it’s easy to slip into the ‘Nobody ______________(fill-in-the-blank)’ mindset.

“Nobody really cares.  “Nobody is fun”.  “Nobody helps me.” “Nobody is nice.”

This is what we say.  We find ourselves in the midst of a downward spiraling, tension filled season.  It’s natural, and we all do it.  However, we’d all agree that it’s rarely productive.  In fact, it’s counterproductive and usually gets us nowhere, except more frustrated.

The good news is – we have a choice.  We don’t have to accept the notion that “nobody cares” or “nobody is nice”…

We can choose to think about it differently – we could have the  ‘Everybody’ mindset.

What if we challenged ourselves to find something fun or nice or valuable about EVERYBODY?

The reality is that if we’ll just try…if we’ll just open our minds and hearts, and simply listen to them, we’ll usually realize that special ‘something’ about EVERYBODY.  It’s amazing what we learn about people when we’re slower to speak and quicker to listen. 

Nobody ever felt bad about learning fun, new things about everybody else. 

What if everybody looked for the good in each other?  Who would ever be frustrated? 


Have a great day.