Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy holiDAYS...Copy/Paste

Happy holiDAYSCopy / Paste
This time of year we reflect, give thanks, celebrate, give gifts, and spread holiday cheer.  If nothing else, we set out, on purpose, to make each other HAPPY. 
The hustle and bustle of the season can be stressful with the shopping, decorating, cooking, and holiday-ing…but for the most part, we love that special, happy holiday feeling. 
We love a little stronger.  We open our mind a little wider.  We give a little more…of ourselves…of our time…and we give more gifts, simply because, it’s “the holidays”.  We even give to people that are in need…that we don’t even know.  ‘Tis the season to _____________.   (Fill-in-the-blank).  We do so much, during the holidays, beyond what we usually do.
Sure this particular holiday season only comes around once per year.  However, who says we have to wait until Starbucks starts brewing their Holiday Blend coffee, to set out, on purpose, to make each other HAPPY? 
What if on a routine Tuesday afternoon in January, or again in March, or again in June…what if six months from now you and I spent some time – reflecting, giving thanks, giving an unexpected gift, celebrating, and/or spreading good ol’ fashioned CHEER? 
How would we feel?  How would they feel? 
I bet we would make people HAPPY.  I bet you and I would stop, look around, and smile…and we would be HAPPY as well. 
OneMoreStep thought for the Holidays: We should take a mental inventory of the gifts and time we give, the cheer we spread, and the happiness we bring to one another during the holidays.  And COPY/PASTE those actions and emotions and love to ALL of our days.
I hope your holidays are happy, and I know that if we all go OneMoreStep for each other, even after the holidays are over, the people in our lives will have many, many HAPPY DAYS.
Have a great day.

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