Friday, June 29, 2012

FRED Friday...Meet the i-phone CODE RED Freds

FRED Friday…Meet the i-phone Code RED Freds
Left to Right: Josh, Allen...THANKS Fellas!

Six months ago I made the inevitable jump from Blackberry to i-phone.  If you’re a fellow i-phoner, you’ll relate…if you’ve yet to make the jump, you will.  It’s only a matter of time.

This week I experienced a CODE RED.  My i-phone wasn’t all the way broken or inoperable, but a few key features/components were a bit out of whack.  When I got home from work and realized that the PHONE WOULDN’T ACCEPT A CHARGE, I made the decision that it was getting resolved that night.  After all, if it couldn’t accept a charge (and I was already nearing the dreaded 20% battery power threshold), and if/when the battery power ran out, how could I possibly function? ;-)

Bonnie…the Apple Store – Town Square Las Vegas

(side note – I was in full on gym clothes, following a workout, and it was approaching 9pm)

I walked into the Apple Store at Town Square Las Vegas, and immediately opened up a conversation with a quick Hi-5 with Bonnie, telling her that I had a CODE RED and I was in need of a magical moment.  Unfortunately, despite my desperate story, Bonnie broke the news to me that their Genius Bar closed at 8pm.  I, of course, took some swings at persuading her in a different direction.  No dice.

However, Bonnie didn’t quit on me.  She said, “hold on one second”… as she logged into the nearest MacBook, she booked me for an open appointment time at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store at Caesar’s Forum Shops for 10:20pm. 

Bonnie didn’t say “no”, nor did she say, “I don’t know”…she said, “I’m not sure but let me find out for you…” and she was genuinely interested in helping me.  In fact, she went OneMoreStep and looked up my Apple account, confirmed that I did, in fact have ‘Apple Care’, and further calmed my nerves when she told me, “they will take good care of you, for sure…don’t worry.”  Thanks, Bonnie, for the nice touch.  (I’ll definitely be back in…)

Josh & Allen...the Apple Store – Caesar’s Forum Shops

I zipped down to the Caesar’s Forum Shops (mind you, still in said gym clothes, approaching 9:30pm at this point) a bit early, with hopes that they could squeeze me in early.  They did! 

Josh not only listened to my story intently at the Genius Bar, but he also stopped me politely along the way to clarify and further understand the situation and the severity of my self proclaimed – CODE RED.  He was interested

He then proceeded to explain all of the possible reasons the device was behaving the way it was.  He didn’t stop there.  He continued, almost as if he were delivering a speech or an official Apple Training Class.  He explained the why’s, the how’s, and he gave me a list of options for resolution…all of which were comforting, reassuring, and very educational as he literally taught me what was going on and offered clear expectations for what would happen for the remainder of my experience in the store, as they would ultimately give me a replacement phone. 

Josh did all of this  – served me, taught me, entertained me, and ultimately set me up with a brand new, replacement i-phone (free of charge {Apple Care is the answer!}) while also assisting four other Guests’ issues…basically simultaneously.  Thanks, Josh…for the service and the official Apple Training class.  I will be back…

Allen caught me near the end of my experience, as I was finishing up with Josh.  He assisted me with a couple simple questions I had…but struck up a conversation as I was trying to save some of my fave pictures from my old phone.  Not only did he suggest some creative ways to save the pics, he taught me MORE stuff!

Allen gave me some pointers on how to easily navigate the logistics and mechanics of the replacement i-phone – how easy was to get all my old apps right back on the new device, etc.  He also did all of this while assisting two other parties with their issues as well.  Dynamic. 

At the outset of my conversation with Allen, I had mentioned that my car was parked in valet (which closed at 11pm), and that I was nervous about making it back there in time.  Fifteen minutes later, in mid conversation, Allen reminded me with concern, “Sir, just to let you…you have five minutes until 11pm, if you’re concerned with your car…however, I’m here ‘till midnight, so even though we do close our store at 11pm, I’m happy to help you out as long as you like.”  Now, that is just cool…and very Fred-Like.  Thanks, Allen, for sharing your knowledge.

So what I thought was going to be a nerve racking, anxiety filled experience to fix my i-phone actually turned out to be interesting, educational, relaxing, comforting, and actually a fun adventure

All thanks to the i-PHONE CODE RED FREDS, Bonnie, Josh, & Allen…much like Fred the Postman, their passion, creativity, and commitment literally turned my ordinary customer service experience into an extraordinary evening…

I’ll be TEAM i-Phone for the foreseeable future because of it…

Go OneMoreStep, today…make your interactions with Guests, clients, teams, partners, and leaders – interesting, educational, relaxing, comforting, and even adventurous…you’ll make an impact, and you’ll be the true difference that matters to them.

Happy FRED Friday.


What is FRED Friday? See the first FRED Friday post here and find out - FRED Friday

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012



We’ve all heard the old adage – “you’re a product of your environment.”

Consider for a second your environments, and I’ll consider mine…at work, at home, in the community, and with our families. 

Are things all good?  Is it a fairy tale, just like we planned? 

Or…not so much? 

Tough conversations, strong personalities, opposing views, negativity, the wrong crowd with the wrong attitudes, and/or adversity often plague the very environments we share with our peer groups, personally and professionally.

The negativity in our environments can take a toll on us over time.  It can completely consume us, change us, and transform us into different people, counter to the kind of people we know we can be…

OneMoreStep Thoughts on Environmentality:  The moment we realize that the environments in which we live and work become suspect…we have two choices:

1.     We can change our environment


2.     We can change our environment

The logical route to take would be to simply seek out a different crowd and spend our time with “better” people.  Theoretically, if we surround ourselves with these “better” people, we will become better people ourselves.  So we can change our environment, but that’s sometimes easier said than done…and many times we have no choice…we must figure out a way to coexist with those in our environments.


We can continue being ourselves – positive, fun, encouraging, and uplifting – even when those around us are not.  Then tomorrow we can continue being the bright spot, adding to everyone else’s experience despite their negativity. 

Pretty soon, one by one…through one conversation, one act of kindness, one gracious, hospitable act at a time the very people whose negativity once threatened our environments will catch on.  They too will soon become positive, fun, encouraging, and uplifting…it will just take time.

When we go OneMoreStep and remain positive (even if we’re in the minority), we will CHANGE OUR ENVIRONMENT…for the better. 

And that’s the OneMoreStep mentality known as Environmentality…we can be the difference.

Have a great day.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once Upon A Time is...NOW

Once Upon a Time is…NOW

Years from now people will tell stories about what happens today, tomorrow, and next week.  Perhaps one-day people will even read stories about what happens today, next week, next month, etc. The stories will be about us...

Will it be a good story?

In fairy tales, certain ‘character types’ exist:

The ElderThe HeroTrue LoveVillainsThe HelperThe FriendThe Messenger

As we read or watch any fairy tale, we develop feelings for these characters.  The Elder is endearing.  The Hero is impressive.  True Loves are inspiring.  Villains are evil, disappointing, and infuriating.  The Helpers are likeable.  The Friends are positive, refreshing characters that truly add to the story.  The Messengers are often interesting, important, and valuable…so we appreciate them.

Compare real life to a fairy tale. The stories people will tell about us – what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we make people feel in the process – will have characters, just like in any fairy tale. 

Which type of character will you be?  The Hero?  The Villain?

With each conversation, action, reaction…with each spoken or written word…with each accomplishment and shortfall…and perhaps most importantly, the character we become along the way, our story is being written.

Once Upon a Time is…NOW.

Decide what your story will be.  Make it a great one…Make it a memorable one...Make it an inspiring one...

Make it a story worth telling...start by going OneMoreStep for someone today…and every day.  Be their hero...

Have a great day.


Sunday, June 10, 2012



This coming weekend we celebrate Father’s Day  2012

I can think of many, many great things about my Dad; so many, in fact, I could write an entire book on the topic.

One of my favorite things about him is that he’s always there

From the time my sister and I were very young, no matter how busy he was, regardless of the stress in his life…he was always there for us. 

He still is…

Tough life lessons growing up, faced with heartbreak and disappointment, my Dad was there…

Math…of any kind, shape, form, or fashion…thank God, my Dad was there…

Basketball - practice, games, summer camps, off-season traveling teams, after a great game to celebrate my success, and after a poor performance to pick me right back up, with loving, supporting encouragement…my Dad was there…

Life Events – graduations, moves across the country (there have been a few…), job promotions, and the opposite, when I had to navigate the scary and uncertain waters of unemployment…my Dad was there…
Love watching KY hoops with Dad

When I’m excited about positive things happening in my life - things as big as getting a new job to as small as a postgame conversation breaking down a University of Kentucky basketball game, I call my Dad…and even though it’s often late at night back in Kentucky when I call, he’s there…

When I’m nervous (which is often) about the uncertainty of my career, relationships, finances, or opportunities…he’s always there…

When I make mistakes he is quick to listen and slow to speak, and he somehow has a way of making me feel better about the situation, mostly just because I know he’s there…
My two fave people on the planet...always there

Thanks to my Dad, W. Jeffrey Scott...for inspiring the OneMoreStep Thought for this week:  When we’re busy, stressed, and navigating our own worries…if our families, friends, loved ones, or coworkers have something weighing heavy on their minds – are we there for them?

Great OneMoreStep opportunity…when we’re there for others, we pick them up, we save them, we encourage them, we teach them, we coach them, and we literally change their lives for the better. 

Our friends, family, loved ones, coworkers…and even those we’re not particularly close with…they’re hurting.  They’re worried.  They’re nervous.  And they’re scared.  What if we were the bright spot in their day, week, month, year, or life that made it all better? 

Be the reason for someone to have a better day today than they did yesterday…by simply being there

One for the road…

A couple of weeks ago several bills – school loan, rent, routine car service, routine utility bills, a couple of airline tickets, etc all surfaced at once.  I had plenty of money to cover everything, but suffice it to say, I wasn't left with an abundance of funds until the next paycheck...(we've all been there).  The day before I was leaving for a long weekend trip, I got a check in the mail for something I had completely forgotten about…which was a pleasant surprise and actually a relief.

It was somewhat of a God-Wink…I'm pretty sure it was my Heavenly Father, reminding me that he’s there

Have a great day.

…and Dad, Father’s Day, this weekend, at home in Kentucky...I’ll be there…

See ya real soon.


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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fountains in the Desert

Fountains in the Desert

I love fountains…they defy gravity, as water is supposed to fall down (like…rain), yet fountains somehow make the impossible, possible as otherwise boring pools of water are given life, purpose, and beauty.

In church, for the past several weeks our praise band has led us in what has become one of my favorite songs – All My Fountains, by Chris Tomlin.  I love it because of the interesting metaphor that comes to mind for me personally…

Here I am living in the desert (Las Vegas).  The tedious day-to-day routine itself becomes desert like sometimes – dry when I miss my family and friends…hot when I feel pressure and get nervous of the unknown, and almost desolate when I feel like my life is missing some significant pieces…

This morning, I thought about the OneMoreStepRevolution community…perhaps some of you feel the same way at times, with your current life, situation, or those worrisome circumstances you’re facing.  I’m facing a few of those myself. 

Cool thought…

In the midst of any desert-like situation or feeling…literally or figuratively…we can find comfort in a higher power that will absolutely, positively, unconditionally, 100% always be there for us because He cares…

Just like a fountain, when we look up and have faith, our otherwise “boring pools of water”, whatever they may be, are given life…we find new purpose…and everything is beautiful…like a fountain, He makes the impossible seem possible.

Look up…Have Faith…find your fountain in the desert

All My Fountains – Chris Tomlin

Friday, June 8, 2012

FRED Friday...Meet Abbey & her Partners, the Starbucks Freds

FRED Friday…Meet Abbey & her Partners, the Starbucks Freds
Last weekend I visited Seattle for the first time.  A must see, near Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, is The First Starbucks.  

I’m a huge fan of Starbucks, the company…although I don’t drink a great deal of coffee…I’m a fan nonetheless.

My experience at the First Starbucks Store last Saturday reminded why Starbucks is one of my favorite organizations…

I’ll paint the picture for you…

Abbey was our Barista.  She diligently prepared each Guest’s beverage almost effortlessly; churning, pouring, scooping, operating, and…PERFORMING and SERVING.  She was dancing with a young girl as she handed over her beverage of choice.  She was singing with the gentleman in front of us (in the almost Disney attraction-esque queue line). 

Then it was our turn…we were up next…that awkward moment between ordering and actually receiving that freshly concocted Starbucks beverage was not awkward at all.  Abbey captivated us with a genuine smile, and I couldn’t help but smile right back. 

I said to her, “I love the sing’n and dance’n…what’s your name?”

She replied, “Of course…why not?  Might as well have fun, right?  My name’s Abbey…”

We engaged in further conversation with Abbey, and we built a little community while she and her colleagues put the finishing touches on our beverages.  We were smiling.  She was smiling.  We weren’t tapping our feet, while waiting…we found ourselves experiencing Abbey and experiencing Starbucks and experiencing a fun, new connection.  Abbey made it all about the people she was serving…not the coffee.

What’s better than a Fred?   A Team of Freds…

Before we even made it to Abbey, we were witness to an entire team of Freds.  While ordering, I told the ladies behind the counter that I don’t really drink coffee, but that I wanted to buy something from the First Starbucks…just…because it seemed like the thing to do.  So I asked them for some suggestions. 

Rather than simply suggesting one of the many beverages on the menu, not one, not two, but three enthusiastic young ladies first collaborated…putting their heads together to suggest just the right beverage for me.  Then they asked me what I liked.  They then went OneMoreStep, with genuine, bright bubbly smiles as they enthusiastically asked, “oh…do you like Captain Crunch cereal?!?!?!!?”

Um…of course I said, “yes!”  promptly followed by a high-five…times two.

They proceeded to fire up a refreshing smoothie…strawberry, banana-ish, yet with that very familiar and nostalgic Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries taste.  I ended up loving it.  And the ladies behind the counter all but hi-fived each other out of sheer excitement and satisfaction, knowing that I was walking away happy with their suggestion. 

They then carried on with their art, passing sleeves of cups and lids from one to another as if they were the men throwing fish two blocks down the street at the fish market…laughing, joking, smiling, and connecting with each individual Guest.  All the while, making it about people…not the coffee.

Sure, I didn’t get a traditional Starbucks coffee drink, but we got something even better…a personalized experience.

(Meanwhile the line of Guests behind me continued to queue up and bend out the door, stretching halfway down the block outside the store…all of a sudden we realized why so many people were lined up…they wanted this EXPERIENCE too.  We couldn’t blame them…it was great.)

Experiences like the one we had at The First Starbucks with Abbey and her partners are why people like me go to Starbucks on their days off to relax, work, think, and/or just be…it’s not about the coffee.  It’s about the service and the experience. 

Abbey and the team certainly attract through artistry, and continually create value for each other and their Guests as they replace money with imagination, ala Mark Sanborn's story of Fred the Postman…they know how to create value without it costing Starbucks a penny…they make it ALL about the people…not the coffee.  They are true Freds…

I’d say Howard Shultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks, would be thrilled to know that Abbey and her partners at The First Starbucks are truly making his vision a reality - that Starbucks is not in the coffee business serving people…but instead they are in the people business serving coffee.

Thanks to Abbey, her partners, and Starbucks for reminding all of us that it’s not about the products or services we provide that make our organizations successful…we’re reminded that it’s the emotional connections we can choose to make with every individual with whom we interact that ultimately create valuable Guests, Customers, and Clients…from there it’s the relationships not the transactions that create the real value.

We can all apply a little passion and creativity to our work, regardless of our industry or occupation, and when we do…that’s when the ordinary becomes extraordinary

So I agree with Mark Sanborn…nobody can prevent us from being extraordinary!

Have a great day.


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A video of the scene outside The First Starbucks...for the road...
I love Streetmosphere at all the Disney Parks...there's something about the entertainment and the experience of the live performance that I just love.  Seattle was great because of the personality and authentic culture around every corner...especially musical culture.  

I loved this...this was real life STREETMOSPHERE...


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Ride...

The Ride…

Summertime…my favorite time of year is back.  Summertime always makes me think of vacation…and vacation makes me think of theme parks…and theme parks make me think of going on all the rides…

I really love riding roller coasters at theme parks.  Don’t you?

Riding coasters and other rides and attractions are somewhat of a metaphor for our lives…does this sound familiar to anyone:

Up…Down…Slow Down…Speed Up…Twists…Turns...Fun Times (during the fast, fun downhill part)…but not without nervous anticipation (during the climb)…Bumpy, shaky, rough patches while spinning, turning through the loops…followed by smooth transitions back to a satisfying, fun, and exciting cruise as we glide back to where we started…

Every single time, upon the conclusion of any ride, the first thing we say and think is, “Wanna go again?”

We forget so quickly about the nervous anticipation.  The memory of the bumpy, shaky rough patches is short-lived.  The helpless, scary feeling of spinning out of control was scary, but we survived.  Yet, it was all worth it to experience those precious moments of awesome…those fun moments, racing down the hill, ‘taking flight’, laughing, smiling, and genuinely enjoying the ride.

Our lives, both at home and at work, are a similar ride, complete with those same Ups, Downs, Twists, Turns, Bumpy rough patches…and those same fun moments, when our careers, friendships, relationships, and experiences truly ‘take flight’. 

When the bumpy rough patches, nervous moments, and unexpected twists and turns find their way into our lives, we should remember that they will be so short-lived.  We should think, “this too shall pass”. 

Sure, life gets in the way sometimes and things are tough to navigate.  Bad days are an unfortunate reality…they happen.  Wherever we are in life and through whatever ‘rough patches’ we face in between the fun times, we should remember this mental OneMoreStep:

A roller coaster we can ride again by simply getting back in line.  In life, however, the job, the friendships, the relationships, and the experiences we have today may not last forever. 

So no matter how bumpy it gets at times…ENJOY THE RIDE.  If we don’t take that mental OneMoreStep to do so, we’ll look back one day and wish that we did.  We may have that familiar desire to “go again…”, but it just may be too late.

Go OneMoreStep…Enjoy the ride.

Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride…” – Gary Alan

Have a great day.


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