Tuesday, June 26, 2012



We’ve all heard the old adage – “you’re a product of your environment.”

Consider for a second your environments, and I’ll consider mine…at work, at home, in the community, and with our families. 

Are things all good?  Is it a fairy tale, just like we planned? 

Or…not so much? 

Tough conversations, strong personalities, opposing views, negativity, the wrong crowd with the wrong attitudes, and/or adversity often plague the very environments we share with our peer groups, personally and professionally.

The negativity in our environments can take a toll on us over time.  It can completely consume us, change us, and transform us into different people, counter to the kind of people we know we can be…

OneMoreStep Thoughts on Environmentality:  The moment we realize that the environments in which we live and work become suspect…we have two choices:

1.     We can change our environment


2.     We can change our environment

The logical route to take would be to simply seek out a different crowd and spend our time with “better” people.  Theoretically, if we surround ourselves with these “better” people, we will become better people ourselves.  So we can change our environment, but that’s sometimes easier said than done…and many times we have no choice…we must figure out a way to coexist with those in our environments.


We can continue being ourselves – positive, fun, encouraging, and uplifting – even when those around us are not.  Then tomorrow we can continue being the bright spot, adding to everyone else’s experience despite their negativity. 

Pretty soon, one by one…through one conversation, one act of kindness, one gracious, hospitable act at a time the very people whose negativity once threatened our environments will catch on.  They too will soon become positive, fun, encouraging, and uplifting…it will just take time.

When we go OneMoreStep and remain positive (even if we’re in the minority), we will CHANGE OUR ENVIRONMENT…for the better. 

And that’s the OneMoreStep mentality known as Environmentality…we can be the difference.

Have a great day.


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  1. You know what...I read this at just the right time today! A timely reminder of a great and useful life skill!