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Sometimes we’re not sure what’s going on.  Other times we’re not sure of the particular reasons certain things happen…or don’t happen the way we think they should.  Often we are so sad, mad, discouraged, or defeated that we don’t know what to do or where to turn.

OneMoreStep thought for today:  When we’re sad…when we’re discouraged…when we’re mad…when we’re lost…when we’re not sure where to go or what we should do next…Look up.

Look up…find a new purpose.

If “it” doesn’t work out the way we planned (whatever “it” may be), perhaps “it” just wasn’t in the cards…a new purpose; a new adventure could be waiting right around the corner.  Be sad that “it” didn’t workout…but only for about 5 minutes, a day, or week…who’s to say a whole new adventure, with new found purpose and meaning for our life isn’t possible.  We’ll never realize it unless we LOOK UP and become open to “it”.

Look up…be open to new relationships.

Some of us are lucky to still be friends with the boys or girls we first met on the playground in pre-school or Kindergarten.  The reality is that most of us have met new people, with whom we’ve become friends or built relationships over the years.  We can get comfortable, complacent, and satisfied with the status quo in this arena.  Who’s to say we can’t do that all over again, meeting even newer people and develop even more meaningful relationships.  Not until we LOOK UP will we realize the potential and magic of making new connections, which foster strong, meaningful relationships in our lives.

Look up…be a positive influence on someone else, they may need it.

We all have stuff, and tough times are a harsh reality of life.  Things make us sad and get us down…and things get our friends, family, coworkers, students, and bosses down as well. When we go OneMoreStep with an email, a card, encouraging words to pick them up, or even lending a helping hand without being asked, we make a difference that matters for them. If we LOOK UP, and take the focus off of ourselves and redirect it to our neighbors, friends, or others…we often find ways to lift them UP, and in doing so we feel much better about life ourselves.  However, in order to see the opportunities to make magic for people who need it…we must LOOK UP.

Look up…that's it...just LOOK UP.

Sometimes…no…all the time…when we’re feeling low, we can always look up, to a higher power.  We can be comforted to know that at no time…ever…do we have “nowhere” to turn…because we can always, absolutely, positively…LOOK UP.  He loves…He cares…He protects...He provides..He lives.  All we have to do is trust, have faith, and LOOK UP.

One for the road…

My friend, Lindsay Bishop MacRae, once painted a picture for her then fiancé, now husband, (and one of my best friends, Mr. Robert MacRae {incidentally, a Fred Friday Feature Alum}) of Carl & Ellie’s house atop Paradise Falls, from Disney·Pixar’s movie, UP.

She gave it to him as a wedding gift, which I thought was very cool.  They have it displayed in their apartment in Manhattan, and it reminds them that no matter the situation or how difficult things become…they can always LOOK UP…together.

My copy is on the way…if you’d like to purchase one yourself, follow the link below to Lindsay’s Etsy shop:

 Us...looking up at Rob & Lindsay's wedding
Over a decade ago, I was a nervous 19-year old intern on the Walt Disney World College Program.  I had plenty of buddies back at my college, of course a loving and supportive family at home in Kentucky, and I wasn’t really looking to meet anyone new…

I’m glad I LOOKED UP.  Not only did I meet these characters in the summer of 1999, but we’re the best of friends to this day, despite living in different cities across the United States.  Ironic…as more often than not, they’re still the ones encouraging me to Look up...every single day.  I love 'em for it.

Have a great day.

Looking up…


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