Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seriously...Why so serious?

Seriously…Why so serious?

Yesterday at work we had quite a bit going on.  Slot Tournament, Black Jack Tournament, Grand Opening of a new venue on property…and of course the Final Four…the Kentucky Wildcats vs. Louisville in the Final Four, mind you.  It doesn’t get any better or more serious than that for a sportsfan/basketball fan born and raised in Grayson, KY.

I was a nervous wreck, as usual.  So many people on our teams at work had worked long hours, brainstorming how best to set up and ultimately operate our casino special events this weekend.  Plus, with the Final Four, Academy of Country Music Awards in town, and it being a Saturday night in Las Vegas…I wanted everything to be great. 

I’ll admit…I was pretty serious about the Kentucky game.  My team and sister team(s) execute and operate the Slot Tournaments and Black Jack Tournaments, and while I’m always impressed with their ability to remain so calm under the “pressure” to execute flawlessly (and they always do), I’m always on edge; for them, for our Guests, for our hotel.  I want us to crush it on all fronts.

I want everything and everybody to be ok.  Happy Guests…happy staff…symbiotic, drama-less relationships with my partners at work.  With all the moving parts, most of which make me nervous, I tend to get serious about making sure I do all I can to support the cause. 


Kentucky won.  Slot Tournament went off without a hitch.  Black Jack Tournament was a success.  People loved the new EA Sports venue/lounge our Brand Marketing team brought to life.  Guests were happy.  Staff was seemingly even happier.  Our hotel was buzzing, with yet another great Saturday night vibe.

Why was I so serious?  Things always work themselves out.

Then…I was reminded why I do what I do in the first place.

After a long, long week and a very long Saturday at work, I called it a night, said my good byes to the team, and headed to my car.  As soon as I saw my car in the parking garage, I cracked up laughing…

I’m not quite sure whom or how many were involved.  However, a certain someone or someones from our team had April Fools-ed me!  They had painted my windshield and both front seat windows with Post-It notes that read – Go Cats, Go Kentucky, Kentucky Rocks, etc.

At that moment I remembered that while brainstorming sessions, ensuring flawless execution, productivity, efficiency, and accuracy are all things about which we, as leaders, should certainly be serious…we can’t take ourselves too seriously. 

If we’re serious about anything, we should be serious and committed to establishing, developing, and enjoying the relationships we make along the way. 

After all…it really is about people.  People make the place.  People can make or break any situation.  We should focus less on the results for which we’re held accountable, and more on the relationships with the people that actually deliver the results.

Thanks to our team for not only making the magic happen every single day, but also for simply making my day…everyday. 

“Management is power over people…Leadership is power with people. – Mark Sanborn…You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader

Here’s to staying serious about doing a great job, but not taking ourselves too seriously. 

Have a great day.


Pics for the road...


So funny...
People make the make it about THEM

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