Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feelings are the CAUSE, not the effect

Feelings are the CAUSE, not the effect

We often feel a certain way as a result of different circumstances, conversations, or any given “happening” in our lives…favorable or unfavorable.  For every action, there is usually a reaction (of our own). 

For every cause we usually see an effect.  Said another way, when things happen to us – people say things to us, people email us, people treat us a certain way – we usually have a feeling about either the content of their message or how it was delivered. 

We either agree or disagree…or sometimes we’re indifferent about what was said or how they said it.  So are feelings, or how we feel always merely an effect? 

I see a OneMoreStep opportunity with feelings…they can be the CAUSE just as much as an effect.

Consider your own relationships or partnerships (or lack thereof, depending on how things are going) at work and in life.  I’ll do the same.  Who would you rather help, promote, or advocate?  The people that make you feel awesome about yourself, your life, your opportunities, and/or the very impact you have on them and others?  Or would you rather help the people that make you feel quite the opposite?

I could be mistaken, but I’m fairly confident that we would all rather help, promote, or advocate the people that make us feel great about life, and ourselves.  Feelings can be and usually are the spark that ignites our every action…and moreover, the attitude, creativity, and passion with which we take action.

Great leaders, great sales people, great teachers, great professors, great lawyers, great friends, great husbands, great wives, and great most cases, reached this “great” status because they make others feel great.

When we seize every opportunity to make the people around us – at work and in life – truly feel valued, appreciated, and respected, our relationships become stronger, more productive, more meaningful, and certainly more impactful. 

Leaders inspire great performance by making people feel valued.
Teachers inspire passion for learning by making students feel encouraged.
Salespeople exceed goals when their clients feel that they’re interested in them.
Lawyers are successful when they make clients feel at ease during trying times.
Friends become great friends when they make us feel better about any situation.
Loved ones are just that…when they make us feel loved.

Go OneMoreStep for somebody today…whether you’re leading, teaching, selling, lawyer-ing, befriending, or loving…

Make them feel great about themselves, their contributions, or their value…and then enjoy it when you see them go do great things.

It will be because of how you made them feel

Have a great day.


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