Monday, December 24, 2012

Gifts make the Season bright

Gifts make the Season bright

You’ve heard it said and sung, “Everybody knows…a turkey and some mistletoe, help to make the season bright.”

Let’s be honest…gifts are cool too.  Don’t they light up the holiday season?    

Whether we give them, or when we see the face of a friend or loved one light up when they unwrap the package we bought them…that’s usually enough to brighten up the room, the day, and definitely brightens up the season.

Some of us have heavy hearts at times like the holidays, reminiscing about the “good old days”.  Others of us become so stressed with the ‘goings on’ of the holidays that we don’t really take time to enjoy the precious moments that are passing us by, as we speak.  The pressures of high expectations and our nerves sure seem to get to us this time of year.

Then…we open our gifts.  Then…they open their gifts.  We see the smiles.  We hear the laughs.  We can almost feel the pressure, the nerves, and the tension of “holiday expectations” vaporize into thin air.  All of a sudden, the people we love the most and those for whom we’ve shopped, thought about, prayed about, and ultimately gifted our gifts…are happy.  

They love the gifts we gave them.

The holidays are certainly a wonderful season to celebrate.  The reality is that we all experience many “seasons of life”.  Some are the “seasons” that coincide with the Hallmark Calendar…however other “seasons” we experience are sometimes personal to us. In fact, most seasons consist of heavy hearts, pressure, tension, and high expectations. 

Some of us are in a “season” of celebration while others are in a “season” of sadness.  Some are really crushing it professionally and financially while others are still navigating a tough “season” financially as well as on the job front.

The OneMoreStep opportunity lies in that no matter what the season the people around us find themselves in, gifts always make their season bright.

Sometimes the gifts we give don’t have to come in a shiny, well wrapped package.  A shoulder to cry on, a helping hand in a cumbersome situation, listening when nobody else seems to care, or some encouraging words at just the right moment in time can also be just the GIFT someone needs, to brighten up their day.

We never know what they’re feeling, and who knows just what “season” of their life may be upon them…one thing is for sure, however, regardless of faith, religion, age, gender, or rank in the organization – Gifts make the Season bright.

Brighten someone’s season with your gift, however and whatever that may be, to whomever it means the most.  

Giving gifts is fun.  Being the gift for someone is a OneMoreStep worth taking. 

Merry Christmas…and enjoy the GIFTS you give and receive this holiday season.


“Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.” – Ephesians 4:29

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Different' changes...

‘Different’ changes… 
It’s often easier to go along with everyone else’s view.  It’s less risky to just agree, conform, and to even transform our approach to align with theirs.  That way we don’t disrupt or cause a stir.

But we don’t change much either…

Being “our own person” and staying true to “who we are on the inside” sounds simple, but it isn’t very easy.  We’re often fearful that if we speak up too much; if we allow ourselves to become overly passionate about any given topic, we won’t be accepted.   

Moreover, we think if we’re too different from “them”, or if we veer too far away from their views, we certainly will never get ahead; personally nor professionally.

That may be true today…in this conversation…in this email…in this presentation… in this meeting...or in this job…when it's unpopular...but what about tomorrow?  Being different today may very well change things, paving the way for a better future. 

Different changes, introduced at inopportune times (and for most, ‘change’ of any kind almost always feels like it comes at inopportune times), are hard for the masses to accept, let alone to navigate all the implications of how the dominos will fall if/when the changes become the new norm.  Change is hard for people and it’s scary.

I contend, however, that ‘DIFFERENT’ CHANGESthe future.

Whether it’s having a different thought, approaching things differently, or just simply being different…positive change is often the result, going forward.

In 1861 when Abraham Lincoln took office as President of the United States, he was different.  His style.  His words.  His approach.  Even his views and beliefs…they were different than the masses’. Because he was so different, he eventually changed the course of history and saved the soul of America - when in 1865 the Thirteenth Amendment was finally passed and adopted, slavery was abolished for evermore in this country. 

Was he different?  Definitely.  And because he was different, the course of our nation’s history was changed for the better.

I’m not suggesting that we can all change the course of history, nor do I think we can all change the world by simply being different.  However, just think of the potential opportunities we all have to:

·      Change someone’s perspective with our out of the ordinary idea
·      Add a little levity to otherwise mundane situations, just by being “us”
·      Enhance someone’s experience, by treating them differently than others do
·      Inspire a coworker to never give up on their dream, by merely sharing ours
·      Turn a negative into a positive, by simply thinking about it differently
·      Roll with the flow and laugh it off, when everyone else lashes out
·      Encourage and model contentment among the discontented group

On second thought…maybe we CAN change the world, OneMoreStep at a time, just by stepping up, stepping out, and taking pride in being different.

‘Different’ changes…maybe not today…but with time, ‘different’ changes our thoughts, which changes our actions, which changes people around us, which eventually changes the world…for the better.  That’s what the OneMoreStepRevolution is all about.

Have a great day.


Different changes…for the road

·      In the Broadway musical, ‘Wicked’, Elphie (“the Wicked Witch of the West”) was very different...she was peculiar…she was GREEN!  Yet “because Glinda knew her…” she was “changed for good”.

·      Walt’s original ideas for “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” and “Mortimer Mouse” were met with some different thoughts and feedback…different thoughts and approaches that eventually led him to create our pal, Mickey Mouse.  What if Lillian (Walt’s wife) didn’t share her different point of view?  Can you imagine a world without Mickey?  How boring.  How sad…

·      Steve Jobs had some different thoughts about full length animated motion pictures AND personal computing.  Because he was different, we have inspirational Disney·Pixar movies that capture our hearts, minds, and emotions.  We can also do things that twenty years ago, we could only dream of doing with devices like i-phones, i-pads, Macs, etc.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy holiDAYS...Copy/Paste

Happy holiDAYSCopy / Paste
This time of year we reflect, give thanks, celebrate, give gifts, and spread holiday cheer.  If nothing else, we set out, on purpose, to make each other HAPPY. 
The hustle and bustle of the season can be stressful with the shopping, decorating, cooking, and holiday-ing…but for the most part, we love that special, happy holiday feeling. 
We love a little stronger.  We open our mind a little wider.  We give a little more…of ourselves…of our time…and we give more gifts, simply because, it’s “the holidays”.  We even give to people that are in need…that we don’t even know.  ‘Tis the season to _____________.   (Fill-in-the-blank).  We do so much, during the holidays, beyond what we usually do.
Sure this particular holiday season only comes around once per year.  However, who says we have to wait until Starbucks starts brewing their Holiday Blend coffee, to set out, on purpose, to make each other HAPPY? 
What if on a routine Tuesday afternoon in January, or again in March, or again in June…what if six months from now you and I spent some time – reflecting, giving thanks, giving an unexpected gift, celebrating, and/or spreading good ol’ fashioned CHEER? 
How would we feel?  How would they feel? 
I bet we would make people HAPPY.  I bet you and I would stop, look around, and smile…and we would be HAPPY as well. 
OneMoreStep thought for the Holidays: We should take a mental inventory of the gifts and time we give, the cheer we spread, and the happiness we bring to one another during the holidays.  And COPY/PASTE those actions and emotions and love to ALL of our days.
I hope your holidays are happy, and I know that if we all go OneMoreStep for each other, even after the holidays are over, the people in our lives will have many, many HAPPY DAYS.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What if...

What if…
We have those things or those people in our lives that make us happy, give us joy, and/or serve as the very rock on which we stand in the tough, not so magical times. 
We all have goals, dreams, aspirations, and we plan for our future.  Yet day in and day out, we’re reminded that life is not, nor will it ever be perfect.  
“Stuff” gets in the way, yet we continue to strive for the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect salary, with the perfect someone. 
That gets old, and life gets tedious…why…because there’s no such thing as “The Perfect” anything.  It’s a myth in which we wrap our very hopes, dreams, and often times our every thought.
Life, here on Earth, isn’t perfect.  It never will be perfect.  However, the higher power to which we look for hope, love, salvation, and peace…is perfect. Therefore 'looking up' should be our focus.
Rather than striving for the perfect, instead we should reflect on the absolute best things or people in our lives.  We should reflect this week on whom or what makes us smile, at the very moment the thought of them enters our mind.  Whom or what allows us to be…not merely to do…but to really be who we want to be
What if those things or those people were taken away from us tomorrow?
Let’s give thanks this week, for those things and those people in our lives that are the absolute BEST part of our day and the absolute BEST part of our lives. 
Perfect will never happen, but those things and those people (you know the ones), they will always be the best…be thankful for them.
Looking up, this Thanksgiving…and wishing the OneMoreStepRevolution Community  a very safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.
Thanks, for the road…
Thanks to my family: My Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-In-Law, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmother, and Cousins – you’ve not only shaped my mind, heart, and character, but you’ve also been the very source of joy, inspiration, and love that always makes me feel better about life, no matter how imperfect it is, you’re the best.  It is for that very joy, inspiration, and love that I am extremely thankful.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

People Help

People Help
Left to Right: Stephanie, Andy, Me

People help.  People not only make the place, they make any place or situation or day or month or year…better.

This week I’ve been feeling tense, nervous, uncertain, scared, and a bit uninspired…for probably silly reasons, but we’re all human.  We have our days.  We’re allowed. 

Perhaps it’s because I usually start my mornings with at least thirty to forty five minutes of jogging, running, sprinting, or something active.  A couple of weeks ago I injured my knee (most likely from overdoing it on my morning routine) so lately I haven’t been able to run.

Not only am I a bit off because of it, I’m nervous because I’m uncertain as to how serious (if at all) the injury is…and I’m uneasy about navigating the whole insurance company/copay/doctor visit/referral to a specialist journey. 

This morning my friend and colleague, Stephanie, put my mind at ease.  She has the fortunate and unfortunate desk location directly in front of the door in/out of our office.  We must pass by her every time we come and go.  I usually say hello and/or speak to her and/or get on her nerves (but we make each other laugh either way, so it’s cool) as I pass by her desk multiple times a day.
Today I told her about my knee injury and that I’m a bit annoyed by it, mainly because I can’t run and workout to the extent that I would like.  And I told her that I needed to figure out our insurance, how it works, where to go to the doctor, etc.
She stopped what she was doing and proceeded to give me a quick, 90 second tutorial on how our insurance works, and she suggested a place for me to go that would be convenient, quick, and efficient.  She said with a smile, laughing, tongue-in-cheek, to “please get it fixed for ALL of our sanity, get it fixed so you can run again.  We know how you get.”  All I could do was laugh...

Not only did she put my mind at ease, giving me one fewer worry as to where/how I would seek medical attention, she did so in such a way that made me smile…laugh…and I walked away thinking to myself, “wow, she really helped…” She may not have known it, but she truly helped my day get better than it was five minutes prior to our conversation.  Steph…thanks for just doing what you do.  It helps!

People help.

Today we also had the pleasure of spending two hours with author, speaker, and truly inspirational Chief Curator and Provocateur, AndyStefanovich, from Prohet (Prophet is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy).  

Andy taught a bit.  He coached a bit more.  He told stories with passion, creativity, and emotion.  In doing so, he dropped inspirational pearl after inspirational pearl of wisdom…I mean he had some absolute dimes.  From ‘focusing on the ‘beauty’, to ‘asking people about their story’ to my absolute favorite, ‘purposeful disruption’…I mean the content was extraordinary.  So awesome.

However, the most helpful, most profound, and most important thing he did was inspire our team to focus on people…starting with each other. 

He facilitated discussion and conversations among a group of individuals in such a way that by the time our two-hour session was over, we all felt a little more connected than we were an hour prior.  We felt inspired to go connect even more with one another.  (Maybe I’m the only one…but probably not.)  I found myself transforming from uninspired to INSPIRED.  It was all because I took the focus off of “me, me, me” and redirected it toward other people on our team.

Actively pursuing opportunities to learn about their story was fun, entertaining, and enlightening.  Focusing on them, how they have truly been an inspiration to me…and proclaiming my appreciation for them publicly…turned an otherwise routine Thursday into a game-changing, attitude 180-ing day. 

And finally, spending good old fashioned quality time with the people on our team, purposely disrupting our everyday routines, helped my outlook, my mental state, and my ability to inspire and be inspired.  It was all because of the people in the room, and most importantly how we made each other feel. 

People help.

If people help so much…if people not only make the place, but also make places better…and if people help any situation…there’s only one thing you and I should do, and that’s HELP PEOPLE every chance we get

Go OneMoreStep…today…HELP SOMEBODY.  They need it.

Have a great day.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Ownership Leads to Membership

Ownership Leads to Membership
We all want to belong to something.  From the time we were young, it’s always been cool to belong…I’d classify belonging as a timeless feeling.  

It never gets old, nor do we ever hear many people saying they’re just so “bored or tired of belonging” to anything at all.
Individuals enjoy the sense of belonging to a team.  Guests, Customers, & Clients enjoy belonging to their favorite restaurants, bars, hotels, and/or vacation destinations. 
Family members experience the true joy and love of family when they feel like they truly belong. Members of a community feel safe, content, and happy when they experience belonging...they experience true membership.
Until anyone anywhere can experience the feeling of Membership…someone somewhere, must first take ownership.  Unless the people that work in the restaurants, bars, or hotels take ownership…unless the individual members of a family or a team or an organization take it upon themselves to own the responsibility and opportunity to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and important or to feel a sense of belonging, true feelings of Membership will be few and far between.
You and I can be catalysts and sources of inspiration for fellow members of our teams or for our family members – be it a family at home, a church family, or a work family which includes our Guests, customers, and clients.  Our challenge is for the buck to stop with us…we’ll own it.  Others will pass on the opportunity to make a positive impact.  Others will have more important things on their plate.  However, you and I will take full ownership of making magic for everyone around us…at home and at work.
Perhaps not right away, but eventually our ownership will be contagious among our peers, our teams, and our organizations.  The feeling of belonging we create in others will be one worth returning to for everyone.  And the more they come back to our homes or our places of business, the more positive feelings we’ll create.  Because we’ll continue to own it…we’ll continue to own the opportunity to make it about them, making people happy in the process.
Pretty soon…people – Guests, Customers, Clients, CoWorkers, Friends, and Family – will feel a part of something, like they fit in…like they truly belong.  That’s the membership experience that makes for a more meaningful experience, no matter where we are in our lives, personally or professionally. 
The feeling of 'Membership' can be the difference between happy and sad, productive and nonproductive, profitability and lost revenue, and it can also be the difference between “meaningful work” and “just a job”. 
Do the people on your team, in your peer group, in your community, or in your family feel like they belong?  We should OWN it.  You and I can be the difference…when we take ownership of the opportunity to create that feeling for them.
Ownership Leads to Membership…and membership leads to happiness, contentment, and fulfillment, for everyone.
Have a great day.

One for the road...

Americans have the opportunity on November 6th to exercise our most important right...our right to vote.  Own it...take ownership.  Go vote.  After tomorrow we'll see all the red states and blue states fall back into the UNITED States of America.  At least I hope so...I hope we all own it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

3 Good Ones...

Three OneMoreSteps that are so difficult to carry out, but when practiced consistently reveal themselves as not only great concepts...but The Answer.


Quick to listen...

Slow to speak...

Slow to become angry...

The OneMoreStepRevolution Team didn't come up with these...someone else did...and we're following His lead.  The above are concepts...and He's the Answer.



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Presence vs. Presents

Presence vs. Presents

We’re obsessed with giving and receiving presents, in our society.  Birthdays, holidays, significant milestones, etc.  We have so many opportunities (or obligations, depending on our outlook at the time) for presents. 
Recently I was asked to name the “best birthday present I have ever received.”  As I thought about my answer to this question, I had trouble choosing that one “best present” I have ever received. 
This struck me as odd and a bit unusual, considering I’ve been blessed with 33 birthdays, and I’ve received presents for each one of them…yet I couldn’t really think of any one present that I would call, “the best present”.
What immediately came to mind were birthday parties my family held for my sister and me, at our house when we were very young.  My birthday is August 16th and my sister’s is August 5th, and that meant that every year we would celebrate our birthdays together. 
I remember those parties like they were just yesterday.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins, both sets of grandparents, our great-grandmother, and of course my mom, dad, and sister were all there.  We opened many, many presents, but what I remember…over 20 years later…is the presence of family.   

Sure the attention may have been on my sister and me, because it was our birthday, but beyond that, I have a crystal clear memory of family members engaged in conversation, laughing, and enjoying each other.  

The presents were cool and fun, but the fact that everyone was there, together, made me happy. 
What about in our relationships at work, in the community, or perhaps even with our own family members at home?  We often go through the motions here and there…but are we really “there” or “here” for them?   

They’re talking, sharing, and reaching out to us…but are we really listening?  Are we present? 
So often we’re consumed with our own troubles, worries, doubts, To Do’s, and “stuff”.  We shop around, buying presents for family members, staff, teammates, leaders, etc…we forget that what may very well mean the most to them is our presence, not the presents.  
Be present, in the now…today…and the OneMoreStep that can make a positive difference for people is our conscientious presence in the conversation… 

Right now…with a genuine interest in them, their concerns, their issues, their needs, and their situation…and asking how we can help.
Have a great day.

Two for the road...

I follow Andy Stanley, Lead Pastor at Northpoint Church in Atlanta.  Back in August, he did a six part series on family, entitled, Future Family.  Andy is a great teacher, excellent pastor, and his messages are both educational and touching.  I love them, follow them, watch them, and rewatch them frequently.  

If interested, we wanted to share this series with you, as it fits perfectly well with this topic of "presence of family" and asking "how can I help".


And speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday to my dear old Dad...celebrating one more trip around the sun, tomorrow, Oct. 29th.  Thanks for teaching me, coaching me, supporting me, inspiring me, loving me, and encouraging me.  Your presence then and now, keeps me going OneMoreStep every single day...Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Day

Moving Day
Have you ever had to move?  New job? New city? New friends? New life?
The very thought of “moving” anything in our daily routines to which we’ve become accustomed…comfortable, in-control, and satisfied…is stressful. 
For “moving” suggests change, and change is scary.  Why?  Because with change comes many unknowns.
The very definition of the word move is:
1.   move/mo͞ov/
Go in a specified direction or manner; change position.

Operative word - change.
Change, unknowns, and fear...  It’s no different than a child, when they’re scared of the dark, the roller coaster, the storm, or the first day of school.  They’re scared, because of the change.  Something different is before them, and they’ve never had to deal with it before.  It’s unknown.
When children are scared, what do we do?  We comfort them.  We guide them.  We direct them. We care for them.  We love them.  Maybe not at first, but once they let go of their own fear of these unknowns, and let us take over…they calm down.  They stop crying.  They stop worrying.  Their fear subsides because they know they’re protected.  They’re safe.
Whatever unknowns exist for you and me, today; whether our moving day consists of changing jobs, changing cities, changing career goals, changing relationship dynamics with loved ones, or changing anything at all…we should let go.  Let go and let a higher power take over.  If not the same God I love and serve, then let go and put your faith, trust, and hope into something bigger, something more powerful, something better…to take the reins.  You and I simply can’t do it alone. 
For me, it’s in fact not a ‘something’, it’s a person.  I’m a Christian; a Christ follower and a believer, and He saves me and comforts me and guides me and I know and believe that “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13
For you, it may be another religion or another belief system that guides you.  Believe in it.  Focus on it.  And let it truly be your guide.
The message is that no matter what we face in our lives – and we’re all facing somethingeverybody has stuff – we can’t do it alone.  We can’t figure it out by ourselves.  We can’t possibly know every move to make and when and how and why…we must let go and let a higher power take over. 
When we do…when we let go and let God…when we give up the need for control and this paralyzing need to magically know all the unknowns…we’ll be ever so blessed with the grace, comfort, guidance, and unconditional love of something greater…something better, in our lives.
And when we do…that will be a very, very moving day.  It doesn’t have to be someday down the road either…it can be today.  Today can be the day…every day can be a moving day, if we trust and let go.   2 Corinthians 5:7 – “We walk by faith, not by sight.”
One for the road…
This week two of my very best friends, Matt Olsen and Sonny Ritacca are in fact, moving. 

Matt is moving back to Florida, to Jacksonville, having recently been promoted at work.  Sonny is moving into a new house that he recently purchased in Southern California (obviously also doing very well, at work).  Both are facing so many unknowns.  They’re nervous.  They’re worried.  They’re moving…and their lives are changing.
I’m so proud of them both.  This will not be the first “move” for either of them.  In fact, if our group of closely-knit friends has become experts in anything in recent years, it’s certainly moving.
Matt moved from Orlando to California, back to Orlando, then to Atlanta, then back to Orlando, then to Fayetteville, North Carolina…now back to Jacksonville, FL. 
Sonny moved from Chicago to Orlando, then to Tampa, then back to Chicago, changed jobs twice, pursued and earned an MBA at Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business, then moved to California, and now will move yet again into his new home. 
Things haven’t always gone their way.  Situations haven’t always been perfect.  They each just kept pursuing something better…they each kept focusing on getting better…they each pressed on, making other people around them better…including me. 
People often ask me how in the world I’m best friends with people that are so different than me.  I see what they see, on the surface, in passing…however, I laugh to myself every time.  I know that on the inside, deep down, that our relationship and friendship is anchored in love, respect, and care for each other. 
When we all met on internships at Walt Disney World, it was about having fun, yet remaining focused and steadfast in pursuing our dreams…and enjoying our time, together.  Today, it’s funny…because it’s still about having fun and pursuing our dreams…and we’re still connected by the love, respect, and care for each other. 
When I first met Sonny’s dad, we spent the weekend hanging out with the Ritacca family.  On the day he left town, Mr. Ritacca shook my hand, gave me a hug, and said, “take care of each other”. That was in the Fall of 2001.  I’ve visited with him several times since then, and he always says the exact same thing as we part ways at the end of a trip.
Sonny’s dad should be proud, because here we are…12 years later, still taking care of each other.  And it’s usually Sonny that makes the first move…(every morning at 5-something AM…yes…every morning, I get a “good morning” text from Sonny.)  In his dialogue with me, more often than not, he shares a quick story or two about what he's doing to take care of his team, his leaders, and/or his company.  He certainly has many blessings in his life, yet he continues to be a blessing to others.  That's moving.
A couple of years ago both Matt and I were having a rough time finding a job…like many Americans, in 2009 & 2010, we endured several months of unemployment, yet we're in a much better place now.  At the time, Matt was gracious enough to invite me to move back in with him, in his house in Orlando while we both looked for jobs…(and played golf, went to the pool, then played wii golf in his living room…it wasn’t all that bad, looking back on it.)  Matt was blessed to have a nice home in a great place, and though things in his own life were rocky, he was a true blessing to me during that time in my life.  That's moving.
It was then that every Sunday after church I started tweeting him, “If God is for us, who could be against us.” – Romans 8:31.  Neither of us had a clue as to how or when we would find work…when we realized it wasn’t up to us, but instead it was up to someone else, we both had moving days
Eventually I got a job…and he got a job.  We both moved.  And we were moved in the process…to this day, not a Sunday goes by that I don’t send Matt that same verse that moved us then and continues to move us today.
I tell these stories because I’ve watched and stood by my two dear friends, Matt & Sonny, when they were up, high on life…and when they’ve been down, navigating the inevitable valleys in their lives.  And they’ve been right there for me, every step of the way as well.  I’ve noticed a couple things about the moves they’ve made in their lives. 
The first thing is that their success is always preceded by their relentless focus on other people…
for Matt, it’s his diligence in serving his leaders and his clients, pursuing excellence in how he caters to their every need, in his role as the Director of Licensing for an apparel company.  For Sonny, it’s his devotion and compassion for the members of his team, and his ability to serve them, lead them, and develop them…as he heads up the Sales efforts on the west coast for his company.
The second thing is that they both recognize and appreciate the blessings in their lives…and they leverage them to turn around and bless others…
that is moving…
Good luck to Matt & Sonny as they move this week…I’m proud of your success, but I’m mostly proud of how you use your blessings to continue to bless others, including yours truly.  I know you'll be a blessing to those in your new communities.
Thanks for allowing the OneMoreStepRevolution Team to use your moving day to hopefully inspire someone else’s.
Have a great day.

OneMoreStep video, for fun...

Two years ago, to the day, when I moved from Orlando to back to Las Vegas, finally finding a job...Matt rode/drove across the country with me, in a U-Haul with the Black Pearl (my car) on a trailer hitched to the back of the truck.

We made it to Scottsdale, got lost, and had a little fun as usual:


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Most People...

Most People…
Be this little fella
Most people don’t care about anyone’s problems but his or her own.
Most people don’t listen.
Most people pass the buck.
Most people do the minimum.
Most people play it safe.
Most people give up.
Most people don’t bounce back or fight through adversity.
Most people don’t finish strong.
I often wonder what most people think about me and how I make them feel.  Do you? 
Consider…how our Guests or our clients or our customers or our friends or our family members feel about us?
When we care, listen, take ownership, do more, take risks, refuse to give up, fight through adversity, and finish strong…we’re different than most people.
That difference matters; though most people may not show their appreciation, they value it nonetheless.
And usually the difference between adding to or taking away from the experience of most people in our lives is One…More…Step…
Go OneMoreStep.  Be different.  It matters.
Have a great day.

One for the road…
The most important, most expensive, most valuable, most meaningful, most resourceful, and most dynamic part of any team, family, organization, company, or community is its people. 
Therefore, we should focus on people the most!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter

It’s now October.  So we’re basically finished with this year.  2012 is all but in the history books…so we might as well mail it in, start our holiday shopping, and start conjuring up our New Year’s resolution for 2013…
Not so fast.  It may be late in the game, but there’s still time on the clock.  There are still 2012 days left on the calendar…roughly 90 of them.  That means there’s still time to make an impact, make a difference, make progress, and maybe even change something, someone, or ourselves for the better…maybe even for good!
I remember our high school football team, growing up…as soon as the whistle blew at the conclusion of the third quarter, every player on the field – those on the sidelines and those in the game – every cheerleader, every fan, and every person in Raider Nation would hold up four fingers.  Everyone would throw up four fingers, high above their head…to signify that it was now the FOURTH QUARTER, as if to say – We’re not giving up, we’re not losing faith, we’re giving it our all, as long as there’s time on the clock, we’ll finish strong, in the fourth quarter.
In basketball practice, growing up, my coaches toward the end of practice, while putting us through extensive drills and/or strength and conditioning workouts, would say, “FOURTH QUARTER”, as if to say, in preparation for real life game situations – I know you’re tired…I know it’s been a long day, a long practice, a long three quarters…but there’s still time on the clock, and the fourth quarter just could be where we make our move…when everyone else gives up, when everyone else submits to their weaknesses, if we can dig deep, reach down, stick together, and go OneMoreStep – mentally and physically – this could be our time to make our move…in the fourth quarter.
So for you and I, today…this could be our moment.  This could be our time.  Right now, with an entire quarter left to make our mark, to make our numbers, or to reconcile that friendship, relationship, or partnership that could potentially make all the difference for 2012.  We can make it happen in the fourth quarter.
No matter how rough, or challenging 2012 has been thus far, for three quarters, you and I have the opportunity to make a difference, a very positive difference, in this the final 90 days – the fourth quarter.  All we have to do is decide to do so.
If it’s been rough at work, and you think it’s a lost cause to continue putting forth so much effort, think again…think differently about it.  Keep being you in the Fourth Quarter, because you never know who’s watching, who’s listening, and who’s secretly loving, appreciating, and valuing your efforts. 
Discouraged? For so long, you’ve dreamed of that next opportunity, the girl, the guy, the life you’ve always wanted…and 2012 hasn’t gone your way at all?  Dream again…dream your dreams, look up, and don’t give up just yet.  Many a fight, many a battle, many a game, and many accomplishments have been won in the fourth quarter.  It just takes courage, faith, and hope…to stay the course. 
So whatever weighs heavily on your hearts and minds today, in the boardroom, the break room, or the living room...I know it’s been a long three quarters, and 2012 has been up and down…the Fourth Quarter could be when it all turns around, for the better.
There’s still time on the clock, and there are still days left on the calendar for 2012.  Finish Strong…encouraging someone, helping someone, lifting the spirits of coworkers, family members, loved ones, students, friends, Guests, Clients, and Customers…
How will we remember 2012 – A good year?  A bad year?  How we approach the Fourth Quarter can make all the difference, in the answer to this question…
Throw four fingers up, high above your head…and finish 2012 strong in the fourth quarter.
Have a great day.