Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Did We Make Them Feel?

How Did We Make Them Feel?

“People won’t remember what you did.  People won’t remember what you said; but people will always remember how you made them feel.”  -- Unknown

No matter what our occupation, age group, demographic, or geographic location…we all have one thing in common – we all interact with people.  Unless you’re reading this stranded on a deserted island somewhere, more than likely we have this in common: we interact with family, friends, coworkers, Guests, clients, staff, teams, and the person on the other side of the counter at a retail shop, restaurant, or bar. 

Do you ever just know you’re right, and the other person or people, in general, are simply wrong?  Have you ever been so well researched, informed, and educated about a topic, and had to explain that very topic to a friend or coworker?  Have you ever been heated, upset, annoyed, or disappointed in someone or something; and sent out an email or launched into a discussion while feeling this way?  Have you ever given feedback to an employee, student, coach, teacher, parent, or friend…knowing you were right and they were wrong?

We’re often so focused on winning…winning the argument, getting our point across, being heard, being understood, and being right. 

OneMoreStep thought for this week…it’s not about winning the argument, discussion, or conversation, it’s about how we make others feel after the conversation is over.

Think first…then speak.

How many times do we regret something we said or did?  It happens to me quite often.  I’m in the heat of discussion…I’m passionate about an idea or a topic, I get fired up, and there I go…giving my two cents just for the sake of giving my two cents.  What we often forget is how our two cents is being perceived by the other person, and if they don’t necessarily agree…how does it make them feel.  In “How to Become CEO”, author Jeffrey Fox says that if a CEO has 10 seconds to make a decision, he’ll think for nine seconds…and then speak.  Next time you’re in the heat of a discussion, conversation, or interaction…go OneMoreStep, mentally, and think about what you’re about to say and how the other person will perceive it.

Watch how you say it.

Tone.  Body language.  Facial expressions.  When we do speak, often our tone, body language, and/or facial expressions do more of the talking than our words.  We often think we’re dropping serious, enlightening knowledge on the person sitting across from us or on the other end of the phone…but if our tone is the least bit condescending, rude, or short, what we actually said gets lost and what doesn’t get lost is the way we’ve just made someone feel.  We may not mean it.  It may not be intentional.  However, if we’re not careful, we can really hurt people’s feelings by our tone, body language, or facial expressions.  Next time it’s your turn to speak in a meeting, conversation, or discussion…go OneMoreStep, and be cognizant of how you say certain things.  It could make the difference.

Watch what you say to whom.

Perhaps just as important as how we say things is actually what we say to certain people.  How often do we get ourselves in trouble by saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time to a boss, coworker, friend, Guest, or client?  If we say the wrong thing to a boss, at the wrong time…our next career move could be in jeopardy, or even worse our current job may come into question.  Next time you have a thought or opinion, know your audience.  Go OneMoreStep, and make a conscious effort to filter your thoughts before they come out of your mouth.  That could be the difference in making your boss mad or making your boss more confident in you as an up and comer in the organization.

Simply put…it’s not what you say to people that makes the impact.  It’s how you make them feel.  Would you rather someone walk away from a conversation with you saying, “boy he/she is a total jerk,” or “what a great person, with such a positive outlook”?  I’ll take the latter. 

Go OneMoreStep today…think before you speak, and when you do speak watch how you say things.  Watch what you say to certain people.  Make a positive impact rather than leaving a negative impression.

One for the road

A couple of weeks ago I was having one of those days.  I was frustrated with a coworker about something.  He was unclear of a particular process around comps in the casino.  I had personally sent multiple emails, attended his team meetings, and had individual coaching sessions with several members of the team on this topic.  So I was indeed frustrated and concerned that we were still unclear on the process.  I couldn’t believe it. 

I wasn’t necessarily rude, but I was direct, blunt, and straight to the point with my coworker about the topic.  I didn’t really think before I spoke.  I didn’t watch how my words came across, and I certainly didn’t take into account to whom I was speaking.  I turned into a basketball coach, giving a halftime speech…I said that we had gone over this and over this, but we’re still missing it.  I said, “I’ve sent emails.  I’ve presented in your meetings.  I’ve even spoken to several members of your team individually, and we’re still missing it.  I’m not sure what else to do.”

Was I right?  I think so…actually, I know so.  However, did that give me the right to speak to my fellow coworker like I did?  Absolutely not.  I should have given him the benefit of the doubt, taken a deep breath, and explained the process one more time…OneMoreStep.  At the end of the conversation, I would have reached the same result.

Two days later, I sought him out on the casino floor, and apologized for how I spoke to him in our conversation.  The reality is, this person has been in gaming and hospitality for years and years.  I told him that I respected his experience and valued his partnership, and while the process is what it is…I shouldn’t have spoken to him like that.  He reassured me that I was right in what I was saying, but he accepted my apology for the halftime speech.  We hugged it out, had a few laughs, and our relationship is that much stronger for it.  That is the result I should have been after in the first place.

Have a great day.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Miss It

Don’t Miss It

I was speaking to a group of our Co-Stars (employees) this evening, as we were celebrating how far we’ve come as a property in our first three months.  This particular group has been through a tough first 90 days.  They work at the Front Desk, and I told them that I could relate, having opened a hotel (Disney’s Pop Century Resort) as a Front Desk Manager several years ago.   

At the Front Desk, you deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly…most of which you have little to no control over.  So it can be quite a frustrating and demoralizing experience if you let it get to you.  Our folks do a great job, and we’re lucky to have them.

After I told them how much we appreciated their efforts and thanked them for doing what they do…day in and day out, I told them, “…don’t miss this.”

My point was that all of us at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas find ourselves in a fantastic hotel with an extraordinary leadership team, and I think we’re all so lucky to have such a welcoming, inspiring, and engaging corporate culture.  So while I know their lives at work and most likely at home have been very stressful these past 90 days, I hope they don’t miss this

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle {and boy do we hustle at The Cosmopolitan} of our daily routines.  So I wanted to impress upon these talented individuals that while we’re in the midst of a very crucial phase in our journey, this is the good stuff.  These are the relationships that will last for years to come.  These are the memories that we’re not only making for our Guests, but they’re also memories we’re making with and for each other.  If we’re not careful…we’ll miss it…mentally.  Before we know it, some of us will move on to the next thing, and what we have now, with our team, our relationships, and our community will all of a sudden change.  I just hope we don’t get so caught up in the hustle that we miss this.  I hope we embrace it.

Driving home tonight, I was talking to my dad, telling him how much we have going on this week and in the coming weeks at The Cosmopolitan.  We’re busy.  We’re packed on the weekends.  We have several objectives and expectations we’re all working very hard to achieve and exceed…and frankly it’s getting stressful.  Days are getting busier, longer, and more intense.  I felt the stress building and building the more I thought about everything.  Then it hit me…I’m going to miss this if I’m not careful.  I’m going to do it again; what I always do…I’ll get so stressed, trying to make an “A” on everything; trying to crush it…I’ll miss this. I'll miss today.

I need to embrace this great leadership, these wonderful relationships, my amazing team, and this extraordinary experience.  Who knows when some of these people will move on, or when we’ll be in the midst of radical change…so we all need to stress less and embrace more.  Rather than burning energy stressing, we should channel that energy toward connecting with each other, our Guests, and our leadership…embracing the magic of the “now”.

We often stress ourselves out so much with what is going on at work (or at home), and all the while time is just passing right on by.  If we’re not careful…we’ll miss it.  We’ll miss the very days, weeks, and moments that matter the most.  This is somewhat of a “mental” OneMoreStep...something to be cognizant of in order to make each day our masterpiece.  When we find ourselves caught up in the hustle, bustle, and brutal stresses of everyday life, we should take the mental OneMoreStep.  Slow down, and embrace what God has blessed us with today.

If we stress and stress…worry and worry…and work so hard to make an “A” in everything with no regard for our personal lives, we’ll miss it.  We’ll miss the now

We miss relationships that are truly a blessing to us at work and in life.
We miss moments with friends and family that are far more important than work.
We miss the random fun times that make long lasting memories.
We miss life…
·      people in their 20’s turn around one day and they’re 30
·      people in their 30’s turn around one day and they’re 40
·      people in their 40’s turn around one day and they’re 50
·      people in their 50’s turn around one day and they’re 60

…you get the picture…if we don’t embrace today, everyday…we’ll miss it. 

So wherever you are in life or whatever your occupation, take the mental OneMoreStep…when you feel yourself feeling the stress, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle…go OneMoreStep mentally and embrace today

Today’s relationships.  Today’s fun.  Today’s teachable moments.  Today’s chance to learn.  Today’s chance to dream.  Today’s chance to inspire.  Today’s chance to make magic.  Today's chance to ask her or him out.  Today's chance to love.  Today’s chance to go OneMoreStep to make an impact

Embrace todaydon’t miss it.  Before we know it, today’s chances become yesterday's missed opportunities.  We all know that what happened yesterday is in the past…We can’t change yesterday, but we can make an impact today. 

Great opportunity…Don’t Miss It.

Have a great day.


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fred Paul from U-Haul

FRED Friday
...said "TRAM"

I recently made the trek across the United States, moving from Orlando, FL to Las Vegas, NV.  My good friend, Matthew Olsen and I packed my life up in a U-Haul, anchored my Toyota Camry (aka…The Black Pearl) down on a trailer being pulled by said U-Haul, and we headed west.  

The trip was relatively smooth…no mishaps, no accidents, and no setbacks…until we returned the U-Haul truck in Las Vegas...
When we returned the U-Haul and car hauler trailer we experienced an issue with my car.  Unfortunately, as I backed my car down off of what Matt and I called “The Tram” (car hauler trailer), the under carriage of my car was ripped completely off.  When we loaded the Black Pearl onto the trailer in Orlando, I evidently had pulled up too far…such that my front bumper caught the lip of the trailer.  2,000 + miles later…The Black Pearl was not in the same shape she was in when we left Orlando.
Luckily…Paul was on the job…
Paul was working his normal shift, around back; assisting Guests as they pulled their U-Haul trucks in and out of the parking lot.  That was his role.  About six minutes into my experience with Paul…the mishap occurred with my car.  I got out of my car, saw the damage, and immediately got down on the ground to get a closer look at what may have happened.  Mind you, in no way, shape, or form am I a mechanic…nor do I know anything about cars, or how to fix anything at all for that matter.  Matt stood back rolling his eyes.
OneMoreStep Moment…
Pressing my palms to the pavement, I went to stand back up.  As I turned my head, there was Paul…on his hands and knees, looking under my car!  Before I knew it, Paul was tugging, pulling, and bending my poor Toyota Camry’s broken under carriage, trying to get it back in place.  No luck…
Even One MORE Step…
Paul stood up, gathered himself, took a deep breath, and said, “You know what…give me about 5 minutes…and pull your car over here to our garage.  I think I can fix that for you.”  

I looked at Matt.  He looked at me.  We knew we had a Fred on our hands…
The next thing we knew, Paul had The Black Pearl propped up like we were in the pits at the Daytona 500…he was under the car, going to work.  Matt and I sat there, watching Paul work his magic for about 15 minutes.  Paul chatted with us the entire time.  I remember telling him how much I appreciated his help. 
Paul responded with, “hey, man…if this were me I’d be so mad…I’ll fix it for you and save you some money.  A body shop would charge you an arm and a leg for this.”
Paul’s job is to assist customers as they return and pick up U-Haul trucks.  It’s clear, however, that his passion is to SERVE people.  His creativity in serving me not only saved me hundreds of dollars, but it also allowed me to take care of the rest of my “move-in” To Do’s without the headache of getting my car fixed.  Did that have an impact on me?  Well, I'm writing a blog post about it four months absolutely did!

Paul is a total FRED.  He cared.  He served.  He went OneMoreStep...and he created value without having to spend a penny.  That's what Fred's do.  Thanks to Paul and the folks at U-Haul for taking such great care of me. 

(Wondering what I mean by FRED?  My favorite book, The Fred Factor, written by Mark Sanborn, tells the story of how an ordinary man, in an ordinary job as a postman goes OneMoreStep after OneMoreStep to make magic for his customers.  Check out the previous FRED Friday post
Have a great day.



PS:  Bonus Coverage...Matt and I named the U-Haul/Car Hauler "The Tram", ala the parking trams at the Walt Disney World Resort.  We were operating on 3 hours of sleep...lost in Scottsdale, AZ, had no clue where we were...but as usual we made the best of the situation...

Thanks, Matt, for being a FRED and riding with me all the way from Orlando to Vegas.  You made the trip an enjoyable and memorable one. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Name Game

The Name Game     
How many times have you heard someone say, “…oh, man, I’m terrible with names.”  I hear it often.  The truth is, remembering names is another lost art.   

We’re so busy, wrapped up in our own “stuff” that we either forget or don’t make an effort to remember names of our students, coworkers, Guests, staff, and even new friends or acquaintances. 

So the OneMoreStep thought for this week: What if we were the exception?  What if we were the one person in the office or on the team that remembers people’s names, and uses them in conversations?  Guaranteed magic maker…every time.

“They” say it’s a proven fact that people like to hear their own name.  I’m not sure what the scientific research behind this is, but I tend to agree with the sentiment.  When we remember someone’s name and use it when we call him or her, talk to them, introduce them, coach them, sell to them, and/or teach them…we make them feel good.  It let’s them know that we were listening when we first met them, and that we cared enough to remember. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”   Remembering people’s names certainly shows them that you care.

The best salespeople, leaders, teachers, and communicators are those that master the art of connecting with people.  I love John Maxwell’s book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.  A great way to make that connection with people is to be interested enough to stop, take five, and make the effort to remember their name. 

Remembering names could be the OneMoreStep that allows:

·      Teachers to gain credibility with their students and their students’ parents
·      Vice Presidents to connect with and inspire their teams and organizations
·      Salespeople to strengthen client relationships and ultimately close sales
·      Political Leaders to gain the trust and respect of their communities

Most people will miss this opportunity.  They won’t remember names, and in turn they will fail to connect with people.  This week, perhaps members of the OneMoreStepRevolution community will be the exception. 

Remember the names of people you meet this week – Guests, new coworkers, new students, new staff members, and even our servers, bartenders, bus drivers, and flight attendants. Go OneMoreStep…remember his or her name the next time you see them and use it a couple of times while talking to them.  Make them feel special.  Show them you listened.  Then…they will know you care. 

Two for the Road…

Quick story about Craig:

I can remember the first time I met Craig Parsons.  I was a Sales Manager; about 25 years old, and I had just made the jump from hotel operations over to Sales & Marketing at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.  Relatively new to the department, one day I was walking to my “officle” when a coworker introduced me to Craig.  He was classic Disney; smiling and full of energy he stuck out his hand.  I naturally smiled right back and went in for a handshake.  I went with a quick, “I’m Taylor…nice to meet you.”  He responded with, “Hi Taylor…Craig, pleasure to meet you.”  That was about the extent of the initial meeting. 

I would often see Craig around the sales offices at the Celebration campus in the days following our initial introduction.  Every single time I saw him he always said, “hi Taylor”, and proceeded to strike up a quick conversation.  Sometimes it would be for 2 minutes, sometimes 5 minutes, and sometimes it would only be for 30 seconds…but he always remembered and called me by my name. 

After about a couple of weeks I asked a buddy of mine in the office if he knew who this really nice guy, Craig, was.  I couldn’t get over how he always remembered not only my name, but seemingly everyone else’s as well.  My buddy laughed, shook his head, and said, “T, that’s Craig Parsons…Vice President of International Travel Industry Sales & Marketing.”   I remember laughing at myself.  I also remember how awesome I felt, that a Vice President not only remembered my name, but that he also took the time to connect with me. 

That was six years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday.  If you’re a VP, Director, or someone in a leadership role…take the time to remember the names of people on your teams.  You just never know what kind of an impact that may have on them.

Quick Walt Disney Story:

Somewhere along my journey back at Disney, I heard a great Walt story.  I’m not sure I have all the details, but I’ll share it with you anyway…you’ll get the picture.

One morning, shortly after Disneyland opened in 1955, Walt was walking the property.  (They say he was obsessed with combing every square inch of his creation.  I don’t blame him.)  He walked passed a custodial Cast Member who was pressure washing the asphalt in one of the areas in the park.  The custodial Cast Member stopped what he was doing and said, “Hello Mr. Disney…” 

Walt stopped, engaged the Cast Member, and told him, “We’re a first name company here; call me Walt.  What’s your name?” 

The Cast Member quickly replied, “oh, ok…well, my name’s Ed.” 

Three weeks later Ed was right back out in his area, pressure washing the asphalt one early morning and here came Walt…on one of his walks.  Ed picks up his head, raises his hand, and calls out to his boss who was about 25-30 yards away, “Good morning, Walt.”

According to the story, they say Walt was walking at a pretty quick pace…but he literally stopped on a dime, did a quarter turn, and charismatically goes, “Hey Ed…,” and kept right on walking.

How cool is that?  Ed probably felt like a million bucks just because Walt remembered his name.

Have a great day.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Everybody Has "Stuff"

Everybody Has “Stuff”

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood…”
Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Habit 5

Another week has begun.  Your To Do list is lengthy, with few items marked off - 'completed'.  Things are weighing heavily on your mind…mine too.  We’re stressed with things at work, worried about our finances, and we’re praying for the health and safety of our loved ones.

Guess what…everybody else is in the same boat…everybody has “stuff”…Everybody has worries, stresses, and hang-ups. 

We all encounter “those” people in our daily routines that come across rude and stressed out.  It’s difficult to work with them.  We quickly become annoyed and frustrated with these people.  We often wonder “why is she always short with me?”  Or, “what is his problem?”  We shut down, turn them off, and we avoid further contact with these people…and we walk away in bad moods ourselves.

Any of these sound familiar?

The student whose bad attitude compromises the ever-important teacher/student connection…
The VP, Director, or boss who is always in a hurry and doesn’t listen…
Our friend that is always down in the dumps, sad, and in a bad mood…
The client that gives you a hard time and wants it his way or the highway…
The person on our team that quacks and complains about everything…

Quick thought…

Our standard reaction to these negative people is to become negative ourselves; we’re annoyed, frustrated, and frankly, quick to judge them.  Better would be to slow down for a quick second, meet them where they are, and seek to understand.  Take the mental/virtual OneMoreStep next time you find yourself on the receiving end of a rude comment or reaction.  Stop yourself from being frustrated with them.   Try asking how you can add value to their project, deliverable, homework, or even their life. 

Tell yourself that everybody has “stuff”.  Be the one person that takes five minutes out of your day to show them that you not only care, but that you also want to help.  Actions such as this could be the OneMoreStep that makes a real impact for someone in your life this week.

Maybe they’re just upset about a speeding ticket they got on the way into work.  They may have recently had a fight with their significant other…or even worse; maybe they just broke up with their girlfriend or boyfriend.  Maybe they’re going through a messy divorce.  That student with the bad attitude, what if they have a learning disability, which makes it difficult for them to focus in class?  That rude coworker or staff member may be worried to death about a sick family member, or even their own health. 

The bottom line is that we never know.  Think about how much stress you have in your own life.  You’re not alone.  Everybody has “stuff. 

So here’s what I think…

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to go OneMoreStep for people…seek to understand what is bothering them. Take the quick five, ten minutes out of your routine.  Make the effort to add value to their situation. 

When is the last time somebody stopped what they were doing and put their full attention on you?  When is the last time you felt like someone cared more about solving your problems than his or her own?  Exactly…I had to think long and hard about it myself.  OneMoreSteps like that don’t come along very often, but when they truly makes an impact on people. 

So when you’ve had it with that negative person at work, at school, or at home…slow down.  Remember that everybody has “stuff”.  Chances are...they're probably hurting about something.  Meet them where they are.  Seek to understand their issues.  When you think you’ve done enough to understand their problems, go OneMoreStep and offer up your assistance, your shoulder, or your time to help them.  I bet you’ll make magic for someone at a time when they need it the most.

Have a great day.


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Thursday, March 3, 2011

FRED Friday

FRED Friday

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”
-- Martin Luther King, Jr

In my favorite book, The Fred Factor, Mark Sanborn tells an inspiring story of how a man named Fred goes OneMoreStep after OneMoreStep in his role as a Postman for the United States Postal Service.  I love this book.  Since my mom sent it to me in 2004, I've purchased the book for friends, coworkers, and girlfriends...I've even purchased and hand delivered copies of the book to several executives at both Wynn Las Vegas and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. 

Mr. Sanborn paints the picture of how Fred makes magic for his community by taking a genuine interest in making a positive difference for others despite being an ordinary man in an ordinary job.  However, Fred's impact and his legacy are nothing short of extraordinary.  I'll let Mark tell you the story below and in the book, but the key take away is this:
If Fred the Postman can put this much creativity and passion into putting mail in a box for a living, how much of an impact can we all make in our roles as Teachers, Students, Managers, Leaders, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Sales People? 

Fred Friday is a series in which the OneMoreStepRevolution blog will showcase a real life "Fred" on select Fridays.   Reading The Fred Factor definitely leaves us with a desire to to be more Fred-like ourselves, but I also love looking for FredsFreds are everywhere. I love it when I experience a real life Fred.  I'm inspired just as I am every time I re-read the book.  I thought it would be fun to spread the magic of Fred to our OneMoreStepRevolution community (which now reaches 45 states & 24 countries by the way!) 

Hopefully a few things will happen with the Fred Friday series:
1) Real Life Freds will be recognized when these stories make it back to them 
2) Companies for which these Freds work will have some positive feedback 
3) People will be inspired to go OneMoreStep just like the real life Freds 

My good friends Anthony and Jackie Chiovari experienced a real life Fred on their recent vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort.  Anthony and I have managed to remain close friends over the years, having met while we were both Cast Members at Walt Disney World ten years ago.  

We still love the magic...and when he called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me about his experience at Nine Dragons, the full-service restaurant in the China Pavilion at Epcot, we both decided this would be a great way to kick of the Fred Friday series...

I hope this story inspires you as it did Paul, from Nine Dragons at Epcot:
One More Step Dining Experience


I recently encountered an experience at the Walt Disney World Resort that I thought would be appropriate for your OneMoreStepRevolution community.

Jackie, my wife, and I shared our 2011 Valentine’s Day by taking our annual trip to Walt Disney World.  Every year we go, we always visit our favorite restaurants, our “staples,” if you will.  I had made a late night reservation at Nine Dragons Restaurant in Epcot at the China Pavilion.  We arrived at about 9 o’clock, which was about 15 minutes past our reservation time.  The restaurant also closes at 9pm.  We weren’t sure if they were going to seat us because we were so late; much to our surprise it seemed as though “Paul” had been waiting for our arrival. 

We were seated in a table against the glass windows so that we could enjoy the Illuminations Reflections of Earth fireworks show.  We were immediately greeted by Jun Pei, who goes by the American name Paul and he immediately took our drink order.   As he walked away, Jackie confirmed that Paul was the server who waited on us in 2008 when we had visited the restaurant with our family.   

As Paul returned to take our order, we noticed the restaurant had recently changed its menu and were disappointed.  We told Paul that we had been to the restaurant before and wanted some items that were not on the new menu.  Paul then looked at us with a short pause and said, “Did I serve you a couple years ago at the corner table with a large party of about ten people?”  We could not believe that he actually remembered us.  Paul then took both the menus out of our hands and said, “I will make you anything you want.”  We told Paul what we had in mind and he said, “No problem.”  Before we knew it, there was a feast of food on the table that we had not even ordered.  After we had soup and appetizers, Paul brought out the main course; he set both plates down and stood by the table for about a minute.  I couldn’t figure out why he was standing there and then he said, “I want to make sure you are happy with your food before I tell the Chef that is ok to shut down the kitchen.”

That evening we shared a dining experience that we will never forget.  Paul made us feel so welcome that we truly felt like we were in his home.  The greatest part about the experience we shared with Paul was that it was obvious that Paul was genuinely rewarded by making us happy, and today that is very uncommon.  We visited with Paul for about 15 minutes after we were finished eating and it was quite obvious to us both that he has a gift of positive energy and charisma, which serves him well in his role at Epcot.  Paul definitely went one more step for us that night and it was so exciting to see that when someone has this kind of passion, they truly make magic without having to try...


Thanks to Anthony and Jackie, for sharing their real life Fred story.  If anyone would like to share stories about the Freds in their life, please email me.

I'd love to hear about your real life Fred experiences.

Have a great weekend.