Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Miss It

Don’t Miss It

I was speaking to a group of our Co-Stars (employees) this evening, as we were celebrating how far we’ve come as a property in our first three months.  This particular group has been through a tough first 90 days.  They work at the Front Desk, and I told them that I could relate, having opened a hotel (Disney’s Pop Century Resort) as a Front Desk Manager several years ago.   

At the Front Desk, you deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly…most of which you have little to no control over.  So it can be quite a frustrating and demoralizing experience if you let it get to you.  Our folks do a great job, and we’re lucky to have them.

After I told them how much we appreciated their efforts and thanked them for doing what they do…day in and day out, I told them, “…don’t miss this.”

My point was that all of us at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas find ourselves in a fantastic hotel with an extraordinary leadership team, and I think we’re all so lucky to have such a welcoming, inspiring, and engaging corporate culture.  So while I know their lives at work and most likely at home have been very stressful these past 90 days, I hope they don’t miss this

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle {and boy do we hustle at The Cosmopolitan} of our daily routines.  So I wanted to impress upon these talented individuals that while we’re in the midst of a very crucial phase in our journey, this is the good stuff.  These are the relationships that will last for years to come.  These are the memories that we’re not only making for our Guests, but they’re also memories we’re making with and for each other.  If we’re not careful…we’ll miss it…mentally.  Before we know it, some of us will move on to the next thing, and what we have now, with our team, our relationships, and our community will all of a sudden change.  I just hope we don’t get so caught up in the hustle that we miss this.  I hope we embrace it.

Driving home tonight, I was talking to my dad, telling him how much we have going on this week and in the coming weeks at The Cosmopolitan.  We’re busy.  We’re packed on the weekends.  We have several objectives and expectations we’re all working very hard to achieve and exceed…and frankly it’s getting stressful.  Days are getting busier, longer, and more intense.  I felt the stress building and building the more I thought about everything.  Then it hit me…I’m going to miss this if I’m not careful.  I’m going to do it again; what I always do…I’ll get so stressed, trying to make an “A” on everything; trying to crush it…I’ll miss this. I'll miss today.

I need to embrace this great leadership, these wonderful relationships, my amazing team, and this extraordinary experience.  Who knows when some of these people will move on, or when we’ll be in the midst of radical change…so we all need to stress less and embrace more.  Rather than burning energy stressing, we should channel that energy toward connecting with each other, our Guests, and our leadership…embracing the magic of the “now”.

We often stress ourselves out so much with what is going on at work (or at home), and all the while time is just passing right on by.  If we’re not careful…we’ll miss it.  We’ll miss the very days, weeks, and moments that matter the most.  This is somewhat of a “mental” OneMoreStep...something to be cognizant of in order to make each day our masterpiece.  When we find ourselves caught up in the hustle, bustle, and brutal stresses of everyday life, we should take the mental OneMoreStep.  Slow down, and embrace what God has blessed us with today.

If we stress and stress…worry and worry…and work so hard to make an “A” in everything with no regard for our personal lives, we’ll miss it.  We’ll miss the now

We miss relationships that are truly a blessing to us at work and in life.
We miss moments with friends and family that are far more important than work.
We miss the random fun times that make long lasting memories.
We miss life…
·      people in their 20’s turn around one day and they’re 30
·      people in their 30’s turn around one day and they’re 40
·      people in their 40’s turn around one day and they’re 50
·      people in their 50’s turn around one day and they’re 60

…you get the picture…if we don’t embrace today, everyday…we’ll miss it. 

So wherever you are in life or whatever your occupation, take the mental OneMoreStep…when you feel yourself feeling the stress, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle…go OneMoreStep mentally and embrace today

Today’s relationships.  Today’s fun.  Today’s teachable moments.  Today’s chance to learn.  Today’s chance to dream.  Today’s chance to inspire.  Today’s chance to make magic.  Today's chance to ask her or him out.  Today's chance to love.  Today’s chance to go OneMoreStep to make an impact

Embrace todaydon’t miss it.  Before we know it, today’s chances become yesterday's missed opportunities.  We all know that what happened yesterday is in the past…We can’t change yesterday, but we can make an impact today. 

Great opportunity…Don’t Miss It.

Have a great day.


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  1. One heck of a sermon Taylor- and every bit the truth. Life flies by- you will truly understand that when you are my age. If you follow the guidance of your own words- you will be truly blessed. Your co-workers are so very lucky to have you to give them encouragement. I would want to be on your team--