Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going Places

Going Places

We’re always going places.  Work.  Home. Gym. Back to work.  Shopping. Dining.  Recreation.  Squeeze in a quick vacation.  Back to work.  Change jobs.  Repeat.

The vicious cycle of life’s day in, day out routine gets in the way all too often.  It gets in the way of what we think we want to do and where we think we ‘need’ to go, at work or at home. We often wonder, “is this going anywhere?”  Whether it’s a career thing, a relationship thing, or a life thing…how often do we ask ourselves, “where is this going…are we making any progress?”

We hold on so tight, and we don’t let go.  Or am I the only one?  We are so afraid of losing control or becoming too vulnerable in different situations at work or at home, and our own fear creeps back in on us. 

Consider for a second that when that fear creeps back into the picture…it’s ok.  It’s 100% ok to not be ok.  Being fearful of things outside of our control is normal.  How we deal with the fear is the potential OneMoreStep that can free us up to make a difference…and in some cases even be that difference that matters to others.

Our first instinct is to try and control everything, in every situation.  Why?  Because if we’re in control, we’re less likely to be hurt, disappointed, or feel inferior.  That’s what we think is happening.  What is really happening is that we’re focusing on ourselves, our own work, our own career, our own resume, and our own results about which we can be proud and gloat…yet all the while, in the back of our minds we’re still wondering, “are we really going anywhere?”

We often do things for the glory…for the accolades…for the recognition…for the praise…for the raise…for the bonus money.  Instead we should go OneMoreStep at work, at home, or in the community not because of what we might get back in return, but because it’s the right thing to do.

If and when we do the right thing, for the right reasons, for the right people (operative word – people…making it about them, not us), at the right times, it’s amazing how quickly our hearts are warmed with love and our minds are left at ease.  Worry, frustration, and doubt give way to contentment, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

The OneMoreStep here is this – rather than wondering if we’re ever “going places”, we should first focus on getting our hearts and minds in the right place…and then it’s amazing all the places we’ll go: professionally, personally, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. 

Two for the road…

Five years ago I left a great job (Sales), with a great company (Disney), in a great city (Orlando), in a great state (Florida) to pursue a list of my goals, on what I had determined to be my timeline to get me exactly where I wanted to go by the time I wanted to get there.  (note how many “I’s” and “my’s”…and where I put my focus)  Neither my heart, nor my mind was in the right place.

Sure, I’ve been a few places, lived in a few different cities, and worked for a few different companies since then.  Some good.  Some bad.  If I’ve learned anything along the way, it’s that it’s less about the places we go and ALL about getting our hearts and minds in the right place…first.  It truly is amazing what a difference that simple, yet often overlooked OneMoreStep concept has on our ability really go places with our relationships, our families, our careers, and the impact and inspiration we can have on the lives of others. 

Happiness happens when our hearts and minds are in the right place…then...we go places.

When I graduated from high school, my mom gave me the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  Mom, not that I didn’t appreciate the gift then, because I did…I simply understand its meaning a bit more now, fifteen years later.  So…thank you, again, for the graduation gift. 

An excerpt from Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, by Dr. Seuss:

Out there things can happen
and frequently do
to people as brainy
and footsy as you.

And then things start to happen,
don't worry. Don't stew.
Just go right along.
You'll start happening too.


You'll be on y our way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights

Have a great day.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember the Privileges

Remember the Privileges…

Remember eleven years ago…the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.  Americans across our country were immediately filled with thoughts and emotional distress.  Some lost family members, others lost friends, and many lost their jobs. 

We also lost some privileges.  We lost the ability to walk with loved ones to the gate of their flight in an airport.  We lost the ability to carry on bottled water.  For at least the short term, we lost the opportunity to drive in our towns, on our streets, to be with friends, family, etc. 

Guests at Walt Disney World lost out that week, as the parks closed because of the terrorist threat levels.  Tourists stranded in vacation destinations across the country and world were grounded, without the ability to fly for days or weeks. 

As we reflect today, we have so many thoughts.  It’s a tough day for Americans, our allies, and especially those who lost loved ones either on that day or in the weeks/months/years that followed, defending our freedom and protecting our nation. 

I hope we remember the privileges. 

The opportunity to work and be employed by a company or organization…something larger than ourselves…that’s a privilege.

The capability to drive, fly, or travel to and from destinations either in-town or out of town, for work or play…that’s a privilege.

The very friendships we have at work, school, or in our lives, and the opportunity to spend time with them, learn with them, laugh with them, and cry with them…that’s a privilege.

The partnerships we have in business or in the community that allow us the opportunities to move the needle, improve, or enhance either our own lives or that of another…that’s a privilege.

The precious time we still have with our families and loved ones while everyone is here, together…that’s a privilege.

September 11th is always a day filled with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  We remember where we were on that day eleven years ago…what we were doing…the people we were with that morning…and the people we loved the most. 

Whatever we were doing then…whomever we were with at the time…wherever we were working…it was a privilege.  The same goes for right now, today…whomever we’re lucky enough to call friends, the organizations we’re lucky enough to call employers, and the very love we give and receive…those are all privileges. 

We should embrace them as such and enjoy each of the 86,400 seconds we’re given each day.  For who knows what the future has in store…today is the day that matters.  Embrace it, with a zest for life that will make others around you feel compelled to do the same.

My heart goes out to those in the OneMoreStepRevolution community that are reliving the memories, thoughts, and emotions of September 11th, 2001 today. 

Never forget…remember the privileges.


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

One HUNDRED More Steps

One HUNDRED More Steps

About six years ago, I was working as a Sales Manager at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, and I had something I needed to share with one of my colleagues in the office. 

First, I thought about sending them an email…but I wasn’t sure if the message would come across clearly enough.  Then, I thought about giving them a call…still didn’t seem like that would be quite enough of a personal touch.  Next, I printed a couple documents to show them the next time they stopped by my office…it was at that point when I said to myself, “this might save them time and actually help them if I take this to them now, instead of waiting until later…their office isn’t too far down the hallway…maybe I’ll just go one more step, and take it to them now…”

Sure enough, delivering the documents in-person, to their office and engaging in a quick dialogue, fully explaining the context of the situation helped them out, made perfect sense to them, and most importantly seemed to really save them time and add value to their day…judging by the genuine thanks and appreciation I received from my colleague.  I remember just walking a bit taller, with a little more bounce in my step and a big smile on my face, just knowing that the little extra step made a positive difference.  (note the operative word - them - taking the focus off of myself and focusing on them was the key, resulting in a much more fulfilling and rewarding day for me in the end.)

It was then, on that day, that I started really thinking about this concept or idea of going OneMoreStep.  For years I talked about it with my friends, family, coworkers, bosses, etc.  On January 31st, 2011, I decided to start writing about it.

The OneMoreStepRevolution blog was born…

I started writing about the topic, sharing stories, thoughts, experiences, and principles that I’ve learned along the way.  Some come from lessons I’ve learned from my parents, coaches, and/or teachers growing up in Kentucky while other posts have been inspired by books I’ve read or life experiences.  Other posts I’ve shared just because I’ve had a thought that helped me get through a challenging day or a tough time…and my hope in sharing that thought on the blog is that it helps or inspires someone else when they read it.

I like to write, and I like to speak to people about these principles…but most of all I absolutely love the thought of inspiring people to go OneMoreStep in life or at work, in hopes that they have a better day today than they did yesterday…all because they made a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

As much as I enjoy writing and speaking about going OneMoreStep, I don’t do it for me…I do it for you.

I appreciate the OneMoreStepRevolution community liking, sharing, retweeting, commenting, emailing, forwarding, and responding to each post in the last 18 months.  Together we’ve sent posts from this blog to all 50 states in this country and 140 countries around the world.

Last week, the OneMoreStepRevolution blog published its 100th Post.  Just as we’ve shared since January 31st, 2011…we share with you here, on this post, in one location all 100 Posts.  I hope this post and future posts continue to be a source of inspiration to you and others to keep looking up and going OneMoreStep…

All 100 Posts for the road...

Logo art provided by Barkofski Design in Winter Garden, FL.  I called my long time friend and former roommate, Steve Barkofksi, last week and told him that we've reached 100 Posts.  I asked him if he thought it would be cool to have a "100 Posts" logo and if he had a few minutes, could he draw one up.  Two days later he emailed me...he didn't draw up one, he drew up six...and said, "here's a few ideas...we can always mix and match...let me know which ones you like...and let me know if I can do anything else..."  Stevo, being Stevo...going OneMoreStep as usual.       Thanks, Steve!

I'd love your feedback - which posts you've enjoyed the most, and well as what topics, stories, or experiences you would like to read more about in future posts or books I write.  

Email me at  Tweet me @TSCOTT1502, and join the OneMoreStepRevolution Community page on Facebook by clicking here...

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