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FRED Friday on Memorial Day...a Thank You

FRED Friday on Memorial Day…a Thank You

If you’ve read Mark Sanborn’s book, The Fred Factor, you know what it means to be a Fred.  If you haven’t read it, perhaps you’ve read some of the Fred Friday posts on this blog, in the past 14 months…

What makes a Fred a FRED?  At the core, it’s the passion, creativity, and commitment with which they approach their everyday routines that literally transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

This weekend you and I are able to celebrate Memorial Day.  We enjoy times like these with our family, our friends, and our loved ones.  We’re afforded the right to wake up each morning with the opportunity to capitalize on whatever opportunities the day presents…we get to work, play, rest, shop, dine, and experience anything and everything we desire. 

The opportunities are more like privileges, when we really stop and think about it.  You and I are free.  We live in a free country.  Relative to the rest of the world, we truly are the LUCKY ONES… 

We are free…but the blessings and the privileges you and I realize are not free

Our service men and women, overseas and on American soil, in every branch of the United States armed forces…past, present, & future…sacrifice their own lives, time, energy, and livelihood…for you, me, and the United States of America. 

Their commitment makes this the home of the brave, and it’s that same commitment that makes this the land of the free.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the service men and women – past, present, and future – as well as their families, whose passion, commitment, and sacrifice to this country allow all of us to reap the benefits of living in this great country…

One for the road…

This morning in church they asked all current members or veterans of the United States armed forces to stand and be recognized.  As we all gave them a heartfelt round of applause, the gentleman seated next to me stood up to be recognized.  He stood up…tall, proud, and he gave a fistpump to the air above his right shoulder as the entire congregation applauded. 

I watched as the men and women standing throughout the auditorium looked around at one another.  They gave each other quick, yet meaningful looks…I watched several make eye contact, and I wondered what must have been going through their minds.  As my new friend next to me sat back down, I couldn’t help but extend my arm out to him for a handshake.  We made eye contact, he smiled, I smiled, and all I could muster was, “…thank you…”

He immediately shook my hand firmly, and replied, “my pleasure, sir…”

For the rest of the service and every minute since, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that moment.  Our service men and women sacrifice so much, yet all I could say was a mere, ‘thank you’.  Was that enough?  I want to tell him again…and again…

Please forward this post on to the service men and women you know in your lives.  Spread it.  Share it.  Email it.  Tweet it.  Facebook it.  I hope this makes its way all around the world and back…so that our soldiers and veterans hear a Thank You loud and clear, from the OneMoreStepRevolution Team & Community.

They are the ultimate Fredsordinary men and women, just like you and I…yet they lay it all on the line, and devote their time, energy, passion, and commitment for people they don’t even know…so that the United States of America can remain the extraordinary land of the free…

That, my friends, is service…an ultimate OneMoreStep.

“What makes any act extraordinary is doing it with heart.  What makes any life extraordinary is living it with love.” – Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor, page 108

Thank you, soldiers & veterans, on this Memorial Day Weekend…


"Man of the House" - Chuck Wicks 

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