Friday, May 11, 2012

FRED Friday...Meet Boston

FRED Friday…Meet Boston

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has a LIVE theatrical performance, but no resident show, in a typical Las Vegas showroom…at least not just yet.

The LIVE performance isn’t made up of an entire cast and crew.  It has no Cirque du Soleil acrobatics, nor does it involve any headlining comedic celebrities or anyone famous from the music industry.

Performing LIVE, daily…dark for his two days off…is Boston, a pre-opening construction worker turned Doorman.  He is, in many, many ways…a Fred.

Boston was a leader among the various construction teams that built The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  When the owners and developers would give tours of the development project, they enlisted Boston’s expertise and assistance to deliver them.  Later, when the actual senior management team of the resort came on board, Boston still gave the tours.

His passion and creativity (ala Fred the Postman) in delivering the tours, with reasons behind the construction/development strategy, led to a job offer.  As the project went from a construction zone to game-changing Las Vegas resort, hotel, & casino, Boston was asked to take his talents, creativity, passion, and commitment to the front drive…to be a Doorman.

Luckily for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Boston accepted the position. 

You see Doormen in the hospitality and hotel/resort industry are supposed to greet and welcome Guests arriving by taxi, shuttle, limo, or their own vehicles.  The expectation is that they open car doors, assist with luggage, and open the front door leading the Guest into the lobby of the hotel.

Boston goes OneMoreStep after OneMoreStep…beyond belief.  He starts his day very early in the morning with a caffeinated beverage, and once he hits the front drive…he’s ON STAGE…LIVE…the performance begins.

He’s full of energy and enthusiasm, as he borderline jogs/trots to each and every vehicle that pulls through, making sure he is there to open the door for arriving Guests.  He practices what Mark Sanborn (author of the Fred Factor) calls personality power…he makes it about each individual, making them feel welcome, comfortable, and so very important in those crucial first impression moments between the car and the lobby, as their Las Vegas experience begins.

He not only assists with luggage, opens car doors, and gives directions…he also turns his ordinary job into a true art form.  His passion for making people smile and making people happy is infectious and contagioius among his peers in Bell Services, with taxi drivers, and especially our Guests. 

He attracts through artistry…and as Mark Sanborn points out in the book, The Fred Factor, Freds know how to add value, without spending a penny.  

Whether it’s by offering his personal cell phone to a Guest that desperately needed to get in touch with a family member in Canada (true story…saw it with my own eyes…) or literally “performing” as he offers to take pictures for Bachelorette parties upon arrival…Boston consistently practices Fred Principle #3 – as he continually creates value for others.

He reminds us that nobody or no seemingly ordinary “job” can keep us from being extraordinary.  The ability to continually create new value for people we live with and work with through passion and creativity, ala Boston’s daily performances on the front drive, is what the Fred Factor is all about…

Attract through artistry:

 What are you doing to add an artistic flourish to your products or services? It can be as simple as a unique signature or as significant as a major improvement in packaging or design.  We are drawn to attractiveness not only in people but in goods, services, architecture, and all avenues of design.”

 - Mark Sanborn…The Fred Factor, page 53

One for the road…

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