Monday, May 14, 2012

Make Believe

Make Believe

We all love a good fairy tale, an enchanting story, and/or a feel good movie, with a happy, Hollywood ending; at least I do…for sure.  We also find ourselves daydreaming, fantasizing, or making believe things are different than our everyday reality. 

We pretend…and we dream about things like - the job we would rather have some day, the life we would ‘rather have’, the fairy tale love story everybody else has but us, or sometimes we simply make believe…just for fun.  Maybe it’s just me?  (Hope not, or this is really embarrassing.)

OneMoreStep thought: Turn make believe on its head.  Make believing the priority.

Make believe is fun, and it often is a source inspiration for us.  I’m certainly an advocate of the fantasy is real and reality is fantastic sentiment we’re sprinkled with at the Mothership, from fairy tales and that which we see in the movies.  I’ll probably always play make believe to some extent no matter what; although a fine line exists.  Too much time spent playing Make Believe can become non-productive.

What if we balanced our moments of make believe, and we made BELIEVING our priority.  We should believe in ourselves, each other, and most importantly, in a higher power that we can, we will, and that we do have the potential to make even our wildest dreams come true.

You and I may serve and believe in the same God…we may not.  Either way, believing in a higher power or at least a purpose beyond our own needs and desires can often take the pressure off and lessen the burden we put on ourselves. 

When we first believe and have faith in that higher power, we then experience a certain level of peace.  That peace is what allows us to become content in enjoying the journey, and it softens the blow as harsh realities set in between our moments of make believe.

Two for the road…

Lead With Love

One of my favorite and most powerful concepts is to lead with LOVE; in all that we do – every conversation, action, reaction, or otherwise – I love it. (no pun)  When we do that, we simply have better days…and so do the people with whom we live and work.  1 John 4:8 says “…God is love”.  So therefore we can make a case that leading with love is essentially leading with God.

A cool, relevant OneMoreStep suggestive thought to this topic:

Leading with LOVE is one thing…but perhaps we should let God lead.  Let go and let God…

“If God is for us, who can be against us…” – Romans 8:31


Just before this past holiday season, the OneMoreStepRevolution team (so what...I like to play make believe) published a blog post entitled BELIEVE.  It fits perfectly well right here:

Be thankful for what you have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have
Embrace diversity…respect differences in opinions and perspectives; it makes us all smarter
Lead with LOVE...with every conversation, action, or reaction, lead with love 
Invest the time and energy necessary to resolve conflict; everyone will be happier
Extend a helping hand to those you know may need it but will be too shy to ask for it
Value meaningful relationships with friends and family, and let them know you do
Encourage people that need encouragement; they’re hoping you’ll be the one to lift their spirits

Here’s to dreaming and playing make believe early and often…because let’s face it…it’s fun.  Make believing a priority to balance it out. If and when we believe in a higher power, bad days become better days filled with even more fun, enjoyment, and contentment. 

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true…”

Have a great day.


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