Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Commencement & Moments in Time

Commencement & Moments in Time

‘Tis the season…graduation season.  Over the next several weeks Kindergarten, high school, college, graduate school, and PHD students will celebrate their graduation.  They will all walk across the stage in their commencement ceremonies

Commencement means the beginning or the start of something. 

OneMoreStep thought for the week:  During this, the season of graduation, with commencement ceremonies scheduled to take place for our relatives, loved ones, friends, and/or sons or daughters of people in our lives…we can all take this opportunity to start something, or we can choose to begin that new project, new outlook, or new approach…We should Commence & take advantage of each precious moment in time.

We all have that one thing we’re planning to do.  We have those people we’ll get around to calling or meeting with “one of these days.”  We often know what we should be doing, how we should do it, and why it’s important…but for any one of a myriad of reasons…we don’t. 

We put things off.  We conveniently steer clear of those people at work or in life with whom tough, critical conversations are necessary…and we procrastinate initiating contact, because it’s easier that way. 

Everyone puts things off…we all do it…which is why this is a OneMoreStep opportunity.  When everyone else is thinking about putting it off, or when they’re also feeling nervous about having the tough conversation…what if we were the ones to commence, begin, or start the project, conversation, or new approach.

Sometimes all we need is a push from someone or something to get us going, get us off the couch, or to inspire us to have those tough conversations we know will heal a broken relationship or mend hurt feelings.  You and I have the opportunity to be that inspiration, for others.  We can motivate others to start, or begin…when we simply begin ourselves.  When we go OneMoreStep…others will soon follow and go OneMoreStep themselves.  (what a cool revolution that would be…)

We should ask ourselves what or how we can start, begin, or commence today…this week…this month…or by the end of the year that will move the needle, add value, or inspire others to do the same. 

We can be the spark…and we should be…we will be, when we go OneMoreStep…

One for the road…

I was texting with my Dad a couple days ago.  Dad sent me a very nice, uplifting text message, reminiscing about this time of year, 15 years ago…when I graduated from High School.  He told me in his text that he was so proud of me then, and he’s still proud of me today…a very nice text from Dad, which is always encouraging.

I thought about just how much has changed in my life in these past 15 years.  It’s crazy, having grown up in Grayson, KY that I now live and work in Las Vegas, NV.  You may be thinking the same about the past fifteen years of your life; all of the changes, for better or worse.

You and I probably aren’t too different, in that we’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made professionally and/or personally in life, yet we can’t help but feel sad about the losses, missed opportunities, or the relationships that have faded over the years.  The friends or family members we once spoke to or spent quality time with every single day just a few years ago may not be around anymore, for whatever reason. 

Things change, and the beat goes on…all the more reason to, as my Dad told me earlier this week, “just really, really enjoy each moment in time...” 

There’s no better way to enjoy each moment than to get started…begin…commence…today.

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates…this is just the beginning…

“The quickest way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing…”
 - Walt Disney

Have a great day.


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