Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're the Lucky Ones

We’re the Lucky Ones

It’s easy to dwell on everything else…the things we wish we had in our lives.  Sometimes we catch ourselves focusing on how great everyone else has it.   

We daydream about the next job, making more money, and finally being able to afford the new car, new toys, and/or maybe even the dream home. 

By the same token, when things don’t go exactly the way we envisioned, of course those not-so-magical emotions creep in.  We’re disappointed.  We’re sad.  We’re frustrated.  We’re mad.  We’re heartbroken.  We’re discouraged. 

OneMoreStep Thought: When things don’t go our way…or when we find ourselves feeling those not-so-magical emotions, if we actively think about what we DO have rather than what we DON’T…we just may realize how lucky we really are.

Maybe it’s obvious.  Perhaps it’s not even worth writing or talking about.  Then again, maybe not…maybe positive, happy thoughts are just what we need more often.

If you’re reading this blog post you have the means to do so.  You and I may not have the dream job right now.  We may not make the money we know we can or that we deserve, but we can afford the smart phone, laptop, or computer we’re using right now because of the job we currently have.  What if we didn’t have this job…where would we be?

We may be upset, frustrated, or angry with a friend today.  If we reflect on it long enough, we realize that it’s just a bump in the road as we navigate the relationship.  They may not be perfect in every situation, and sure we have our differences.  What if we didn’t have any friends at all…how sad would that be?

The apartment is a bit small.  It’s in an okay part of town, but not great.  We sure would like more…something a bit bigger, and perhaps either less expensive or at least more bang for our buck.  What if we didn’t have a home or could no longer afford to live in our current residence…wouldn’t that be worse?

If we stop and truly reflect on our “have’s” versus our “have-nots”, more often than not…we realize that we truly are the lucky ones. 

People to our left and right…our neighbors…our co-workers…our friends…our customers…our Guests…our students…our clients…and perhaps even our family members…they may not be as lucky.  Who knows what they’re navigating in their lives – family illness, debt, trouble with the law, sickness of their own, or financial woes…

Realizing that we’re the lucky ones…then going OneMoreStep, showing our compassion for people who may not be as lucky could very well make someone’s day…their week…their month…or their year. 

The ironic thing is…all of that sadness, frustration, anger, heartbreak, & discouragement…it quickly gives way to satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, and feelings of love when we go that simple, yet often skipped OneMoreStep.

Have a great day.


One for the road…

One of my best friends, Chuck Wicks, whose music we’ve featured on the OneMoreStepRevolution blog a couple times before, wrote a song that many of you may have seen him perform in the past 12 months.  His song entitled, "Lucky Ones" speaks to this very topic.  It’s about growing up in a small town…and while on the surface…as the song goes – “may look like we ain’t got much…but we’re the lucky ones…” because of all of the little things that mean so much to us…

“Lucky Ones” is one of my favorite songs Chuck has written…so thanks, again, Chuck, for the reminder that when we focus on what we do have vs. what we don't have, we realize that we really are the lucky ones.  When we realize that, it’s easier to help someone else that may not be so lucky. 

Enjoy – “Lucky Ones”, by my pal Chuck Wicks…

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  1. Very well written. This article makes one think. I have going through a lot of that,still going through some of it. I am very thankful for everything I have. All I need is for my family,friends to stay in good health. I grew up in a small town,I miss those days. I love Chucks song "Lucky Ones" .