Monday, July 21, 2014




The irony is that we often overlook the importance of a word that literally means – the quality of being important. 

For leaders, there’s power in a word like significance.  It’s borderline magical…because once any human being truly feels significant, they become a new person, capable of doing more.

If leadership means inspiring others to achieve greatness, then making sure people feel significant should consistently remain at the top of our To Do List. 

‘Managers’ focus first on the tasks at hand.  However, ‘Leaders’ focus first on the people they expect to complete the tasks. 

The OneMoreStep worth taking, for leaders, is to make sure everyone on the team understands their value, their strength, why they were chosen, and what they do better than anyone else. 

The best leaders take pride in making people feel significant…because they know that when people feel significant they make significant contributions. 

I’m convinced that IF people feel significant, they CAN do anything.  Our job is to believe in them, encourage them, and invite them to be great. 

They can…and they will…because of how significant we make them feel.


Have a great day.