Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good People

Good People

It’s summertime…well in my mind August and September still count.  Summertime is my favorite.  I love it, embrace it, and try to do things like live in Florida and/or Las Vegas to maximize the amount of summertime in my life.

In the spirit of summertime, I often listen to Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, and/or Jack Johnson music…the other day as I was listening to Good People, by Jack, a OneMoreStep thought popped into my mind.

The hook of the song is, “Where’d all the good people go?”

OneMoreStep Thought: All people are good.  Some are just better at showing it than others, and for some, we just have to spend a little more time seeking to understand to realize that they are also “good people”, despite what we see on the surface.

We live with, work with, interact with, and coexist with many different people, from varying backgrounds differing ages and demographics.  We see it every day that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ‘round.  Some people are in great moods more often than others.  Some people are simply nicer than others.  Some people go OneMoreStep early and often, while it may seem that others only care about the person they see in the mirror and nobody else. 

The reality is, we go through times in life when more often than not we seem to experience people that seem rude, upset, self centered, and/or abrasive.  And all too often, we channel Jack’s lyrics, and we ask ourselves, “where’d all the good people go?”

What if we thought about it and approached it differently?  What if we lived and worked under the assumption that we’re all good people, and though some folks may not seem like it on the surface, if we give them a chance, we just might be surprised to find out that they really are good people.

We should think about it…think about them.  We all have people in mind I’m sure…you know the ones…the people that seem disinterested in us, but certainly in it to win it, for themselves. 

We should ask ourselves, when is the last time we actually gave them a shot?  When is the last time we gave them some time…or gave them the dignity of their own process to maybe let us in and listen to new ideas?  Or better yet, when is the last time we actually sought to understand more about them, as people. 

What if they’ve never had anyone take an interest in them?  What if they’re so used to everyone combating them or their ideas that they always feel compelled to be the abrasive one? 

And what if you and I go OneMoreStep?  What if we actually engage in conversation with them, taking a genuine interest in learning more about them, where they’re coming from, and how we can help?  We just might find the “good” in them afterall.

Will everyone magically come around and stop being rude?  Probably not.  Will we make better friends with ALL of our acquaintances and people from whom we often walk away asking, “where’d all the good people go?”  Probably not ALL of them.

At the very least…when you and I go OneMoreStep, and become quick to listen and slow to speak…when we give people (everyone…all kinds of people) a chance and take a genuine interest in them…you and I will be Good People.

…and we’ll be the answer to everyone else’s question, “where’d all the good people go?”

Have a great day.


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