Friday, August 10, 2012

Represent Your Nation

Represent Your Nation

I love the Summer Olympics. 

I was 8 years old when I fell in love with the essence and spirit of the Summer Olympics…I remember watching the Seoul Olympic games at every opportunity.

I loved when the commentators would give the back-stories of athletes and inspiring interludes to “the games of the XXIV Olympiad…” 

I loved it then…I love it now. 

Earlier this week, Bob Costas delivered a great intro as the prime time telecast of the London Olympics 2012 came on NBC.  His words struck me…as a OneMoreStep opportunity to all of us…even if we’re not Olympians ourselves.

Bob Costas said, “they compete to win…but often they represent so much more…”

Olympians are ultimate competitors.  While individual achievement and accolades may drive them, a common thread runs through each and every one of them…they’re representing their nation.

OneMoreStep Thought, for all of us as another Olympic Games wraps up this weekend in London: Represent Your Nation

na·tion /ˈnāSHən/ 

Noun:             1.  A large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

We all belong to a nation of some sort.  In some way, shape, or form, we are all part of something.  Whether it be our family…our hometown…our home state…our home country…our schools…or even our company or organization that employs us…and even within that company, we’re a part of our departmentour team within the company.

Whatever the “aggregate of people” to which we belong may be…shouldn’t we represent it well? 

Our past has shaped us…the choices we make today will continue to dictate the lives we lead and define us as human beings – as friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers…and bosses, coworkers, and providers of service or givers of love…to whomever may need it or desire it, from us. 

Will we, as individuals, be well received?  What about our families?  The reputation and “street credibility” of our schools, hometowns, home states, native countries, companies, or even the teams to which we belong at work; don’t we owe it to, not only ourselves, but to the very nations to which we belong, to represent them well?

Of course we do. 

We should take pride in who we are, the towns/states/schools/countries from which we’ve come, and we should even take pride in being a part of the team we’re on at work. 

We should represent…with everything we do, everything we say, and even how we say it…how we go about our daily routines…we should represent our nation...

Wherever you are today, wherever you’re from, and to whichever nation you may belong…represent it well.

Go OneMoreStep, if for no other reason than to simply represent your nation

Have a great day…and enjoy the last days of the games of the 30th Olympiad in London…win or lose, may your nation be represented well.



  1. Well said Tay---
    I've loved every minute of the Olympics and held my breath for every athlete who participated and gave their all. I have a post coming out tonight-- somewhat Olympic related---- I'd love to link to this post-

  2. Once again well said, I love reading what you write. Love the Olympics.