Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We’re quick to judge.  We’re even quicker to offer our own opinions or suggested solutions to our friends’, families’, partners’, coworkers’, boss’s, or customers’ problems.
It often comes from a great place; a place of love and genuine compassion, but we’re quick to preach rather than teach.  We often jump straight to pitching our solutions before learning more about the issue or challenge others are facing.   
We often want to help so much that we immediately offer our own suggestions to others' problems, right away.
OneMoreStep Thought: Rather than jumping right to the part where we “provide” our thoughts, suggestions, and solutions…what if we simply took a walk with the people who need it?  What if we slowed down, took some time and focused on them, and just took a walk…first asking questions, then most importantly listening to their concerns.
Everybody has "stuff".  Everyone could use some advice from time to time.  The advice we offer may be profound.  However, the time we give and the moments we share are what mean the most to the people around us at home and at work. 
Taking a walk with them, asking thought provoking questions, and actually listening to them leads our friends, family, coworkers, and clients down a path of self discovery.  And those magical self discovery moments are often a byproduct of quality time and good old fashioned conversation as opposed to profound advice or "pearls of wisdom".   
The only thing better than self discovery is when great leaders truly lead us to it.  We appreciate it…and we never forget the feelings of positivity, optimism, and inspiration. We all of a sudden believe that things just may start looking up...and that's a beautiful thing.
Before giving advice, suggestions, or solutions…go OneMoreStep.  Take a walk with them.  Spend some time asking questions and leading them down a road of self discovery.  They just might appreciate the walk more than any piece of advice we could ever offer.   
In fact, the walk is often times all they needed from us the first place. 
W e, not “me” is more productive, collaborative, and meaningful than the inverse
A sk questions, staying interested in them vs. trying to come across interesting
L isten carefully, attentively, and respectfully…sometimes that’s all it takes & it makes the difference
K eep looking up…better days are not only possible; they become a reality when we believe

Have a great day.

This post was inspired by Judah Smith’s message at The City Church in Kirkland, WA on July 29, 2012.  Judah is one of the most dynamic, engaging pastors in the United States…and he’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever had the good fortune of experiencing LIVE. 
Take a quick spin through The City Church’s website and watch the Seven Mile Walk message by visiting the links/sites below.