Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Earning the ball vs. Wanting the ball

Earning the ball vs. Wanting the ball
Earn it...

Another basketball analogy…

Those of us watching March Madness – this week, and for the remainder of the month will see amazing games, incredible plays, and impressive last second shots. 

Basketball is a team game, but it’s often the individual performances, particularly the plays at those crucial game-changing moments, or the last second, game-winning shots that make March Madness live up to its name.   

Those are often the defining moments of a collegiate player’s legacy, and sometimes they can also be the right play at the right time, on the national stage which propels them to the next level…to the NBA, WNBA, a future coaching job, etc.

The players that make these plays at crucial moments in important games…they’re always around the ball.  Most of the time they actually have the ball in their hands.  That’s by design…for a reason.  They’ve earned it.  They’ve earned the right to be the go to man or woman in the most challenging, crucial, and important circumstances.  If they execute, they will certainly get the notoriety, the credit, the fame, the credibility, and often the next opportunity…because they were the one that made it happen.

Earn it…

Coaches draw up plays for certain players in crucial moments for a reason.  Those players have earned the right to be the one…to be the go to person.  They came in early, before practice and worked on their game.  They were diligent in the off-season, working out, staying in shape.  They out played, out hustled, and out performed everyone else on a regular basis in practice throughout the season.  They do the little things on the routine Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon practice…which prepare them and earn them the right to get the ball in the final 10 seconds of a nationally televised game on CBS.  They earn it…they earn the right…they earn the opportunity…then they execute.

In life…in business…in our careers we all want the ball.  We all want “to take the shot” that gets the attention, credit, or leads to the next opportunity.  Everyone wants the opportunity to make the decisions, be the boss, get the promotion, hold the pen, present to the executives, and ultimately get the exposure that will open up doors to more opportunities…more money, stronger relationships, and a even a better life.

Everybody wants it…the great ones, however…the great players, the great leaders, the Freds, the Linchpins, and the OneMoreSteppers…they earn it.  The great ones do the little things in the off-season or on routine days when nobody is watching, and they get the nod, the promotion, and the opportunities because they earn it.

We should all wake up and ask ourselves not what we want, but instead we should go OneMoreStep…we should wake up and ask ourselves just what and how we’re going to go EARN IT…

Have a great day.

Go Cats…


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  1. Great outlook! Keep up the good work. You are absolutely EARNING it!