Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fountains in the Desert

Fountains in the Desert

I love fountains…they defy gravity, as water is supposed to fall down (like…rain), yet fountains somehow make the impossible, possible as otherwise boring pools of water are given life, purpose, and beauty.

In church, for the past several weeks our praise band has led us in what has become one of my favorite songs – All My Fountains, by Chris Tomlin.  I love it because of the interesting metaphor that comes to mind for me personally…

Here I am living in the desert (Las Vegas).  The tedious day-to-day routine itself becomes desert like sometimes – dry when I miss my family and friends…hot when I feel pressure and get nervous of the unknown, and almost desolate when I feel like my life is missing some significant pieces…

This morning, I thought about the OneMoreStepRevolution community…perhaps some of you feel the same way at times, with your current life, situation, or those worrisome circumstances you’re facing.  I’m facing a few of those myself. 

Cool thought…

In the midst of any desert-like situation or feeling…literally or figuratively…we can find comfort in a higher power that will absolutely, positively, unconditionally, 100% always be there for us because He cares…

Just like a fountain, when we look up and have faith, our otherwise “boring pools of water”, whatever they may be, are given life…we find new purpose…and everything is beautiful…like a fountain, He makes the impossible seem possible.

Look up…Have Faith…find your fountain in the desert

All My Fountains – Chris Tomlin

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