Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once Upon A Time is...NOW

Once Upon a Time is…NOW

Years from now people will tell stories about what happens today, tomorrow, and next week.  Perhaps one-day people will even read stories about what happens today, next week, next month, etc. The stories will be about us...

Will it be a good story?

In fairy tales, certain ‘character types’ exist:

The ElderThe HeroTrue LoveVillainsThe HelperThe FriendThe Messenger

As we read or watch any fairy tale, we develop feelings for these characters.  The Elder is endearing.  The Hero is impressive.  True Loves are inspiring.  Villains are evil, disappointing, and infuriating.  The Helpers are likeable.  The Friends are positive, refreshing characters that truly add to the story.  The Messengers are often interesting, important, and valuable…so we appreciate them.

Compare real life to a fairy tale. The stories people will tell about us – what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we make people feel in the process – will have characters, just like in any fairy tale. 

Which type of character will you be?  The Hero?  The Villain?

With each conversation, action, reaction…with each spoken or written word…with each accomplishment and shortfall…and perhaps most importantly, the character we become along the way, our story is being written.

Once Upon a Time is…NOW.

Decide what your story will be.  Make it a great one…Make it a memorable one...Make it an inspiring one...

Make it a story worth telling...start by going OneMoreStep for someone today…and every day.  Be their hero...

Have a great day.


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