Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember the Privileges

Remember the Privileges…

Remember eleven years ago…the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.  Americans across our country were immediately filled with thoughts and emotional distress.  Some lost family members, others lost friends, and many lost their jobs. 

We also lost some privileges.  We lost the ability to walk with loved ones to the gate of their flight in an airport.  We lost the ability to carry on bottled water.  For at least the short term, we lost the opportunity to drive in our towns, on our streets, to be with friends, family, etc. 

Guests at Walt Disney World lost out that week, as the parks closed because of the terrorist threat levels.  Tourists stranded in vacation destinations across the country and world were grounded, without the ability to fly for days or weeks. 

As we reflect today, we have so many thoughts.  It’s a tough day for Americans, our allies, and especially those who lost loved ones either on that day or in the weeks/months/years that followed, defending our freedom and protecting our nation. 

I hope we remember the privileges. 

The opportunity to work and be employed by a company or organization…something larger than ourselves…that’s a privilege.

The capability to drive, fly, or travel to and from destinations either in-town or out of town, for work or play…that’s a privilege.

The very friendships we have at work, school, or in our lives, and the opportunity to spend time with them, learn with them, laugh with them, and cry with them…that’s a privilege.

The partnerships we have in business or in the community that allow us the opportunities to move the needle, improve, or enhance either our own lives or that of another…that’s a privilege.

The precious time we still have with our families and loved ones while everyone is here, together…that’s a privilege.

September 11th is always a day filled with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  We remember where we were on that day eleven years ago…what we were doing…the people we were with that morning…and the people we loved the most. 

Whatever we were doing then…whomever we were with at the time…wherever we were working…it was a privilege.  The same goes for right now, today…whomever we’re lucky enough to call friends, the organizations we’re lucky enough to call employers, and the very love we give and receive…those are all privileges. 

We should embrace them as such and enjoy each of the 86,400 seconds we’re given each day.  For who knows what the future has in store…today is the day that matters.  Embrace it, with a zest for life that will make others around you feel compelled to do the same.

My heart goes out to those in the OneMoreStepRevolution community that are reliving the memories, thoughts, and emotions of September 11th, 2001 today. 

Never forget…remember the privileges.


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