Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annoyed today, Expert tomorrow

Annoyed today, Expert tomorrow
Annoyed today, Expert tomorrow - a Silver Lining thought

Do you ever get annoyed?  So do I…probably too often.  We all do.  Whether it’s something with “her” or “him”, things happening at work lately, or how about if/when someone is upset or disappointed with how we handled something and they offer their feedback.  Even if they have a legitimate reason to offer their feedback, it’s never fun to hear where we fell short or how we could have done something better…annoying.

OneMoreStep Thought for the Week:  Those times when work and life get tedious and annoying, we can look for the silver lining.  Don’t be so quick dwell on the “annoying” part.  Why?  One day a similar situation will arise, and we’ll be asked or expected to come through on a similar project at work, or be looked to for advice or comfort from a friend or significant other…so we may be annoyed today, but down the road we’ll be stronger and smarter having encountered the annoying experiences…so we have an opportunity to be an expert on those topics when they present themselves again.  Annoyed today, expert tomorrow.

We’ve all been there, and many may be feeling annoyed at the moment.  It’s normal.  We’re all human.  It usually happens when external factors that we can’t necessarily control come into play.  This is the annoying part.  We’re forced to think of ways to get around the obstacles, perhaps overcome confrontations with bosses, coworkers, Guests, students, or clients, and often times it takes a few OneMoreSteps, mentally and physically to do so.  That can be the annoying part, but only if we let it.

Next time we’re in the moment…that annoying moment, we should take a deep breath, take a step back, and look at the big picture.  What can we learn from the situation?  What can we learn about ourselves?  What can we learn about meeting people or situations where they are, and overcoming obstacles?  So that down the road, next time those same annoying circumstances arise, we can be experts. 

There’s a positive spin on an otherwise annoying situation.  A mental OneMoreStep to hang on to and give a try next time we get annoyed.

One for the road
It wasn't so annoying after all...I loved these ladies

I remember several years ago I wasn’t thrilled with my job at the time.  I was working for a hotel in Orlando, FL – Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.   

We had just gone through an opening in 2002.  Our processes were still being worked out, our computer systems often gave us fits as they frequently went down, and some of the organizational behavior dynamics were difficult  to work through to say the least. 

I had applied for a job back at the Mothership, and during the interview I found myself rattling off nugget after nugget of many things had learned during my time at Gaylord Palms. 
I had opened the property as a Housekeeping Manager and then was asked to transition to a Bell Services Manager after the first 18 months.  I had been a part of so many operational changes, enhancements, and improvements, as a front line leader on the floor in both departments.  I learned many things that we fell short on and didn’t necessarily have ironed out as well as we could have at the time we opened the hotel.  

So during the interview I realized just how much I was learning and had learned during my time at Gaylord Palms.  Things that were tough to swallow, projects and initiatives that were tough to lead, and people that were tough to work with – were all annoying…but I found myself speaking about the topics as a bit of an expert, having gone through those tough times.

I didn’t get that particular job back at the Mothership at that time, and it turned out to be a blessing.  I returned back to my job the next day more confident and comfortable than before…realizing that what was annoying before had truly prepared me and made me stronger for having experienced those times. 

I guess it’s true what they say, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”’

Have a great day.


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