Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OneMoreStep Moments

One More Step Moments

It’s easy to say the right thing, do the right thing, and put in the “extra effort” when bosses, coworkers, partners, clients, students, friends, or acquaintances are around.   

What about those me, myself, and I moments when we’re the only ones around? 

OneMoreStep Thought for the week: Who are we when nobody’s looking?  What do we do when we’re all alone…do we do the minimum, just to get by or go through the motions so we can merely check things off the list?  Or do we go OneMoreStep, put in the extra effort, and nail the details, so we crush it for our boss, our coworkers, our clients, our guests, our students, and/or our family?

We all have them…those moments when we’re all alone in our office, classroom, living room, at the gym, in the car, or when we're by ourselves…yet we have what seems to be a little black cloud hanging over us.  That little black cloud represents the project our boss just gave us, the email we know we need to write or phone call we know we need to make that will likely be met with certain levels of consternation by the receiving party; maybe it’s when we're on the second set of an exercise at the gym – do we stick it out and finish strong with the third set or mail it in and quit early?  

Do we pick up the phone, face the music, and have difficult conversations when opportunities present themselves or do we take the easy way out and hide behind a vague, ambiguous email?  These are what I call OneMoreStep Moments. 

Often times, others may not even recognize when we go OneMoreStep, but should that stop us from doing so?  We could just as easily skip the third set of an exercise or the last five minutes on the treadmill at the gym, and nobody would ever know the difference…but we would know.  

In a pinch, we can send a quick, impersonal email versus planning for a well thought out, in-person and meaningful conversation, but which would be best for the relationship?  Our bosses may not tell us to get in early and prepare the extra ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes for our meetings, classes, or projects…and if we don’t put in the extra time will they ever know?  Maybe not, but should that keep us from going OneMoreStep?

OneMoreStep Moments define us.  These moments separate the leaders from the followers.  Often times it’s not what we do when others are around – in the meeting in front of the boss, in the classroom in front of the students, or at the kitchen table in front of the family.  Instead, what we do behind the scenes preparing, studying, training, practicing, perfecting, learning, and sacrificing our own time for the betterment of the team, the group, the community, or the family can be the very OneMoreSteps that make the difference. 

In school those OneMoreStep Moments were the difference between getting a “B” and getting the “A”.  In sports those OneMoreStep Moments, sacrificing and preparing when nobody else is around, win championships.  In life those OneMoreStep Moments, taking the extra time to plan, prepare, serve, and lead others simply because it’s the right thing to do rather than doing so for personal gain or recognition can be the difference between merely making a contribution and truly being an inspiration that could change someone's life or career…

So next time you find yourself alone…at your desk, on your couch, in your car, or at the gym…with a decision to make – to go OneMoreStep...or not…do the right thing.  Embrace OneMoreStep Moments, and think of them as your chance to play like a championget the “A” in life…make a difference that matters for somebody…and make yourself an indispensible part of your team in the process.

When you think you’ve done enough…go OneMoreStep…

Have a great day.


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