Thursday, May 5, 2011

FRED Brighton experience

FRED Friday…my Brighton experience
Teresa, Geena, Yours Truly, Sagan

I went into the Brighton store at Town Square…a shopping and dining complex on the south end of the Las Vegas strip.  I needed to pick up a specific item for my mom for Mother’s Day.  A co-worker who met my mom several weeks ago when she was visiting me in Las Vegas tipped me off on a specific Brighton handbag/purse-ish item. My mom had actually made a comment to her about how much she loved this Brighton bag.  I entered the Brighton store, on a mission…to buy this particular bag for what I thought would be an ordinary transaction; quick, easy, and I’d be on my way.

Instead…it seems Brighton has a few Freds working for them.  Immediately upon entering the store, Teresa greeted me with a smile and a big, “well hello there…are you looking for anything in particular today?”  I’m sure she could tell that I was a bit of a fish out of water, in a women’s store at 9pm on a Wednesday night. 

I quickly said, “I’m in the market to make some Mother’s Day magic.”  I found the bag that my co-worker had told me about…I was 90% sure that was what I wanted to buy my mom, but I did have some questions about the item.  I wondered if it would be something she would really like and be able to use. 

The next thing I knew, Teresa began asking me all about my mom…what was her height, build, age, etc…where does she live…what does she do…where does she go…Then, she showed me which bag she carries, and proceeded to tell me why.  The more questions I had about handbags, Teresa shared more details, giving me lessons on what women really need to carry, what’s important for them to have in tow, how it should look, what’s in style…and why.  She put a few purses over her shoulder, and showed me what they looked like “in action”.

Five minutes later, here came Geena…also asking me a couple questions.  She was genuinely interested in making this a magical Mother’s Day for my mom.  Geena gave me some tips on the value of a “registered” Brighton bag, the warranty, and how that just may be something that my mom would value in the long run. 

As if this service experience wasn’t already exceeding my expectations, while Geena was showing me what my mom may enjoy about this bag or that one…here came a THIRD Brighton Fred…Sagan.  Sagan came right into the conversation, just as bubbly and smiley as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World.  For a second I forgot I was in Las Vegas and kind of felt like I was on Main Street USA awaiting the three o’clock parade at Magic Kingdom.  Sagan asked me a couple of her own questions about what my mom likes or usually carries…and then she wasted no time giving me her suggestions on which bag my mom really would like best. 

The common theme…they all three were interested in making sure I walked out of that store with the best possible gift for my mom.  Sure they may work off of commissions, but they all three sold through service.  They asked questions.  They made me laugh.  They made me smile.  They made conversation with me…genuine, quality conversation that led to a budding relationship

They went OneMoreStep as well…rather than merely giving me the card to fill out so mom’s gift would be officially “registered” with Brighton…they filled it out and sent it in for me.   

They made an effort to connect with me...They asked me where I was from…where I worked…what my name was…what my mom’s name was…They made an ordinary transaction after a long day of work on a Wednesday night a rather enjoyable experience.

The result…I actually purchased an item that was twice the price of what I went into the store to purchase.  Sure, I may be a total softy and marketing victim…but I ultimately made that buying decision because these three Freds showed me the value of what I was buying, and went OneMoreStep to teach me how and why my mom would value the item as well. 

Freds add value…as Mark Sanborn says in the book…here are just a few of the ways in which we can add value to others:  (The Fred Factor  - page 52)

·      Tell the truthTeresa, Geena, and Sagan were brutally honest with me, telling me why the bag I ultimately purchased would certainly be a more valuable gift for mom

·      Practice personality powerThese lovely ladies all three added their own flair to their trade…each had a distinct personality, which truly added to my experience, and resulted in an increase in Brighton’s revenue!

·      Attract through artistryThese were just bags…just simple accessories…but my new friends at Brighton truly added their own artistic flourish to their products by engaging me in the buying process
Unbridled Spirit...

Now that my mom totally knows what I’m bringing home to her this weekend for Mother’s Day…this is just another example of how going OneMoreStep adds value to others and makes a positive impact on people.  It’s also an example of how going OneMoreStep is contagious.  I was so inspired by Teresa, Geena, and Sagan going OneMoreStep that I totally went OneMoreStep, upgrading to a more premium product to buy my mom, and then I went another one and picked up the Kentucky Derby charm for her…based on Sagan’s suggestion, of course.

I’m looking forward to going to the Kentucky Derby with my Dad, and then being together with the entire family on Mother’s Day this weekend back at my old Kentucky home…Grayson, KY.

Happy FRED Friday…Happy Mother’s Day to the Moms

Have a great day.


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  1. Well, if you are going to ruin the suprise for mom, that is the way to do it! Happy Mom's Day Mom!

  2. I'm sure these ladies were all Fred's...but whatever....I'm sure they were also totally thinking you were a fox....and wanted to get you to give them your number.

    Oh...and this message did not come from your uncle.

    As far as you know....