Monday, November 5, 2012

Ownership Leads to Membership

Ownership Leads to Membership
We all want to belong to something.  From the time we were young, it’s always been cool to belong…I’d classify belonging as a timeless feeling.  

It never gets old, nor do we ever hear many people saying they’re just so “bored or tired of belonging” to anything at all.
Individuals enjoy the sense of belonging to a team.  Guests, Customers, & Clients enjoy belonging to their favorite restaurants, bars, hotels, and/or vacation destinations. 
Family members experience the true joy and love of family when they feel like they truly belong. Members of a community feel safe, content, and happy when they experience belonging...they experience true membership.
Until anyone anywhere can experience the feeling of Membership…someone somewhere, must first take ownership.  Unless the people that work in the restaurants, bars, or hotels take ownership…unless the individual members of a family or a team or an organization take it upon themselves to own the responsibility and opportunity to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and important or to feel a sense of belonging, true feelings of Membership will be few and far between.
You and I can be catalysts and sources of inspiration for fellow members of our teams or for our family members – be it a family at home, a church family, or a work family which includes our Guests, customers, and clients.  Our challenge is for the buck to stop with us…we’ll own it.  Others will pass on the opportunity to make a positive impact.  Others will have more important things on their plate.  However, you and I will take full ownership of making magic for everyone around us…at home and at work.
Perhaps not right away, but eventually our ownership will be contagious among our peers, our teams, and our organizations.  The feeling of belonging we create in others will be one worth returning to for everyone.  And the more they come back to our homes or our places of business, the more positive feelings we’ll create.  Because we’ll continue to own it…we’ll continue to own the opportunity to make it about them, making people happy in the process.
Pretty soon…people – Guests, Customers, Clients, CoWorkers, Friends, and Family – will feel a part of something, like they fit in…like they truly belong.  That’s the membership experience that makes for a more meaningful experience, no matter where we are in our lives, personally or professionally. 
The feeling of 'Membership' can be the difference between happy and sad, productive and nonproductive, profitability and lost revenue, and it can also be the difference between “meaningful work” and “just a job”. 
Do the people on your team, in your peer group, in your community, or in your family feel like they belong?  We should OWN it.  You and I can be the difference…when we take ownership of the opportunity to create that feeling for them.
Ownership Leads to Membership…and membership leads to happiness, contentment, and fulfillment, for everyone.
Have a great day.

One for the road...

Americans have the opportunity on November 6th to exercise our most important right...our right to vote.  Own it...take ownership.  Go vote.  After tomorrow we'll see all the red states and blue states fall back into the UNITED States of America.  At least I hope so...I hope we all own it.

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