Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Most People...

Most People…
Be this little fella
Most people don’t care about anyone’s problems but his or her own.
Most people don’t listen.
Most people pass the buck.
Most people do the minimum.
Most people play it safe.
Most people give up.
Most people don’t bounce back or fight through adversity.
Most people don’t finish strong.
I often wonder what most people think about me and how I make them feel.  Do you? 
Consider…how our Guests or our clients or our customers or our friends or our family members feel about us?
When we care, listen, take ownership, do more, take risks, refuse to give up, fight through adversity, and finish strong…we’re different than most people.
That difference matters; though most people may not show their appreciation, they value it nonetheless.
And usually the difference between adding to or taking away from the experience of most people in our lives is One…More…Step…
Go OneMoreStep.  Be different.  It matters.
Have a great day.

One for the road…
The most important, most expensive, most valuable, most meaningful, most resourceful, and most dynamic part of any team, family, organization, company, or community is its people. 
Therefore, we should focus on people the most!

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