Monday, December 24, 2012

Gifts make the Season bright

Gifts make the Season bright

You’ve heard it said and sung, “Everybody knows…a turkey and some mistletoe, help to make the season bright.”

Let’s be honest…gifts are cool too.  Don’t they light up the holiday season?    

Whether we give them, or when we see the face of a friend or loved one light up when they unwrap the package we bought them…that’s usually enough to brighten up the room, the day, and definitely brightens up the season.

Some of us have heavy hearts at times like the holidays, reminiscing about the “good old days”.  Others of us become so stressed with the ‘goings on’ of the holidays that we don’t really take time to enjoy the precious moments that are passing us by, as we speak.  The pressures of high expectations and our nerves sure seem to get to us this time of year.

Then…we open our gifts.  Then…they open their gifts.  We see the smiles.  We hear the laughs.  We can almost feel the pressure, the nerves, and the tension of “holiday expectations” vaporize into thin air.  All of a sudden, the people we love the most and those for whom we’ve shopped, thought about, prayed about, and ultimately gifted our gifts…are happy.  

They love the gifts we gave them.

The holidays are certainly a wonderful season to celebrate.  The reality is that we all experience many “seasons of life”.  Some are the “seasons” that coincide with the Hallmark Calendar…however other “seasons” we experience are sometimes personal to us. In fact, most seasons consist of heavy hearts, pressure, tension, and high expectations. 

Some of us are in a “season” of celebration while others are in a “season” of sadness.  Some are really crushing it professionally and financially while others are still navigating a tough “season” financially as well as on the job front.

The OneMoreStep opportunity lies in that no matter what the season the people around us find themselves in, gifts always make their season bright.

Sometimes the gifts we give don’t have to come in a shiny, well wrapped package.  A shoulder to cry on, a helping hand in a cumbersome situation, listening when nobody else seems to care, or some encouraging words at just the right moment in time can also be just the GIFT someone needs, to brighten up their day.

We never know what they’re feeling, and who knows just what “season” of their life may be upon them…one thing is for sure, however, regardless of faith, religion, age, gender, or rank in the organization – Gifts make the Season bright.

Brighten someone’s season with your gift, however and whatever that may be, to whomever it means the most.  

Giving gifts is fun.  Being the gift for someone is a OneMoreStep worth taking. 

Merry Christmas…and enjoy the GIFTS you give and receive this holiday season.


“Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.” – Ephesians 4:29

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