Sunday, October 26, 2014

Different & Normal

Different & Normal

When we have a thousand things going on, in all different directions, we often say, “I wish things would just get back to normal again…

It’s so annoying.  Every time we get things nice and settled, just the way we like them, something changes.  We’re asked to do something different at work.  We get pulled into a different routine outside of work.  Often times we’re forced to meet and work with new people.

Things become very different than they were before, and life gets uncomfortable. We long for things to be normal again. 

I recently called my parents, and as they do so often, they reminded me that just because things are different, it doesn’t mean things can’t be normal.  It just means that they’re different.

The OneMoreStep worth remembering, when life gets tedious and out of whack, isn’t really a step at all…it’s to simply be patient. 

Seems pretty simple, but not very easy.

Things may be unsettled or even unsettling, be it with our finances, careers, or relationships…and it may not feel normal.  In fact, everything about everything is different.  However, with enough patience, love, and faith that it will all be okay, we’re able to let go, taking the pressure off of ourselves.  {It’s funny how when we take the focus off of ourselves, the pressure we put on ourselves dissipates…}

Letting go and letting a higher power take over never fails in these situations.  When we’re patient, we relax.  When we relax, we enjoy the ride.  When we’re enjoying the ride, things feel…normal again. 

Different + Patience = THE NEW NORMAL

One for the road…

Happy Birthday week, to my Dad!  

Patient least the two on the left
Thanks for always teaching me and loving me even when I’m the opposite of patient, which is about every other hour of every day.  Connecting the dots backwards, thinking about each life-changing event, I usually get all out of whack. 

Slowly but surely, I settle down, relax, and sooner than later, I begin enjoying the new normal.  All the while, you’re patient, loving me through it as I work through the process…

Reminds me of a famous quote from the #1 best selling book of all time:

“Love is patient, love is kind…” – 1 Corinthians 13:4

Have a great day.


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