Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Like" stuff...

“Like” stuff…

Over 1 Billion of us scroll through our Facebook news feeds each day. 

We've grown to like (pun intended) that ever-so-simple, yet meaningful Thumbs Up icon that when clicked, in an instant, we’re able to recognize someone or something. 

We can like someone’s post, a new product, a quote, a video, a picture, or even a thought, and it’s then displayed on our “wall”, “profile”, or “news feed”. 

By “liking” it (whatever “it” may be) we say to the FB Friend, the fellow YouTube viewer or publisher, or to the person we’re following on Twitter that we’ve just noticed them.  Forevermore, displayed on our wall, is a stamp of our approval for ‘it’.  Also the person whose stuff we just “liked” gets the notification.  

When you and I get that  likenotification, by definition we feel noticed!  And it usually feels good! 

I had a professor say to me once after I wrote him a thank you card at the end of a semester, “It’s nice to hear nice things…thank you.”

My guess is that you and I really aren’t that different, in this respect.  You like to be liked…and so do I.  So if we both like to be liked…most likely they will like it too.

Easy. Simple.  Yet often overlooked OneMoreStep opportunity“Like” stuff…

We can “Like” people’s stuff on social media, for sure.  That’s obvious.  And it’s easy.

Our challenge is to take that easily executed click of the thumbs up icon we perform daily online, and apply it to real life, with real people, in real situations. 

Woah, what an impact and potential opportunity to make people feel like a million bucks…when we actually notice them – and their contributions, their knowledge, their talent, their inspiration, their skills, and even their love.

Think of how cool it feels to look down and see 5, 10, or sometimes, over 20 “likes” on a Facebook post of ours.  It’s just fun.  We feel so popular, noticed, and known.  We LIKE it! 

That happens pretty often on Facebook, but not so often in real life. 

Now think about the day you just had at work today.  Think about the afternoon and evening you just spent at home.  Think of all the stuff you did for your coworkers, Guests, clients, or customers.  Think of all that stuff you finished for your boss.  What about all the stuff you had to do today for friends or the family? 

How many “likes” did you get?  How many times did you feel noticed or known?

You and I both probably received far fewer real life “likes” and notifications than FB “likes”.

This is our opportunity to be the leaders; the ones to take the first step in actively looking for opportunities to truly “like” stuff…to truly let the people in our lives know that we notice them. 

The more you and I go out of our way to not only “like” it on Facebook, but to also articulate a “thank you” or a “job well done” in real time, in real life, among real coworkers…the more everyone else will follow our lead.

People do all kinds of stuff all day long, and we can make them feel so appreciated if and when we take the time to simply “like” their stuff…

Have a great day.


One for the road…

Eeyore said it best, when he was undoubtedly having just an ordinary “Eeyore type day”…he said, “thanks for notice’n me…”

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