Saturday, February 9, 2013

Emotions?!? a Casino? (Be Different. It Matters)

Emotions?!?…in a Casino?
(Be Different. It Matters.)
When most people think about casinos in Las Vegas, the usual thoughts come to mind – money, sex, greed, partying, gambling, and entertainment. 
One can then assume the corresponding emotions tied to these thoughts – some negative, some positive depending on the context or situation.
At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we’re different.  We have a slightly different approach to hospitality, a fresh take on luxury, and the emotions in our casino are no exception.  They’re different as well.
As part of one of our group/meetings clients', convention experience, we recently hosted 81 Wounded War Veterans.  Hundreds of CoStars (staff) and their families showed up to show their love and appreciation for those who sacrificed so much for our country.  United States armed forces veterans of all ages were recognized, welcomed, and honored on a beautiful Las Vegas Sunday afternoon, in our beautiful Las Vegas resort.
One of the veterans, 88 year-old - Mr. George Handy, a World War II veteran of the 668th Topographic Engineering Battalion, is the father of one of our Cashier Cage CoStars, Mrs. Bonnie Lloyd.  Bonnie was asked to participate in the clap line, but she didn’t want to do so without her Dad.
Mr. Handy woke up that Sunday morning expecting to simply accompany his daughter to her place of employment, to honor some fellow veterans.  Once he arrived on property, he was not only included in the luncheon held for the wounded war veterans but he became one of the honorees himself! 
A Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Security Officer, Valarina Figueredo, assisted Mr. Handy through the clap line, as they paraded alongside the other 81 Wounded War Veterans.  Hundreds of folks clapped, cheered, and showed their appreciation for the service these men and women devoted to our country. 
Balloons, signs, noise makers, and hundreds of mini-American flags were displayed and waived in appreciation, as ROTC Troops and bag pipers led these truly heroic individuals from their luncheon, down a long hallway lined with folks cheering and clapping with all of their heart (most of us smiling while many others shed tears of joy and gratitude), to their event which took place later that evening at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Boulevard Pool.
George Handy is 88 years old.  He joined the army when he was 18 years old.  He not only fought in World War II to save, protect, and defend the lives of people he didn’t even know, but he also fought his own war against cancer…twice.  He won both times, defeating lung cancer first, then prostate cancer the second time around.
Bonnie told me that in talking to her Dad about that special day at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, he told her “with the exception of marrying your mom, that was the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life.
My parents were actually in town that weekend as well.  They joined us, to honor these special veterans in the clap line…and they said that was the best day of their stay in Las Vegas.  (Both of their parents served in the military, so this was very cool for all of us.) 
As we were pulling out of The Cosmopolitan, my mom said, “Who would have ever thought you could have that much emotion in a casino?”
I proudly replied, “…we did…”
We’re different, at The Cosmopolitan…and so are the emotions people feel when they visit us.

Be matters.
Have a great day.

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