Monday, March 18, 2013


Champions are special…
They’re usually “the best’, the “winners”, and deserving of the title.  They’re talented, skillful, and have earned the respect of everyone.
They didn’t get there alone.  More often than not, they had a coach, a mentor, a leader, supporters, advocates…they had champions along the way. 
When you look up the word – champion; (champ · pi · on) – on, the #1 noun definition reads, “WARRRIOR, FIGHTER”.
One of the verb definitions reads – “to act as militant supporter of…”  I like that one too.
Champions are special because of all the championing they had along the way.  How awesome would you be if you had warriors and fighters, actively and aggressively supporting you? 
Better yet, how awesome would you and I be, if WE were the ones…what if we were the coaches, mentors, leaders, supporters, and advocates who made somebody go OneMoreStep, reach for the stars, diligently dream their dreams, realize their full potential, and/or helped them become that person God created them to be?
Champions are special…So wouldn't it be cool to be somebody's champion?
Who are you championing?

Have a great day.


Championing for the road…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (March 19th) to one of my biggest supporters, one of my coaches (career and otherwise), one of my advocates, and one of my champions…my friend, Sonny Ritacca. 
We met in the summer of 2001 at a get together for returning Walt Disney World College Program Alumni.  We all loved (and still do) Disney and we were sort of champions for the Disney College Program, in our own right back then. 
A few months later, on September 11th, 2001, those planes flew into the World Trade Center, and the world changed.  Our worlds changed.  We needed jobs.  We needed hope.  We needed friends.  We needed champions, in our lives.  We needed each other. 
Sonny was then and continues to be a champion, for me, his friends, his family, and his company.  Since that summer of 2001, every big day on the job, big interview, big test day in grad school, or even just for fun, I’ve received text messages, phone calls, emails, and social media posts, from Sonny, that read, “Play Like a Champion Today”.  Supporting, advocating, encouraging, and championing...
Son, thanks for being you, and thanks for championing me and others, for as long as we’ve known you. 
Happy Birthday, and as you continue to go OneMoreStep after OneMoreStep, for Avis Budget Group, to revolutionize the car rental industry, on behalf of OneMoreStep Nation:

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