Monday, June 2, 2014

Life Happens...In Seasons

Life Happens…in Seasons

Nowadays, with HBO GO, Netflix, and Amazon, it’s so easy to watch season after season of our favorite shows. When we watch several seasons of our favorite shows, in succession, we pick up on subtle changes in the characters we love.    

We all watched the Huxtables grow up before our very eyes back in the day.  We found ourselves feeling for Anthony Junior and Meadow Soprano, along with Tony's and Carmella’s many ups and downs.  We pull for Vinny Chase and the boys, in Entourage, and we can’t wait to see what Ari is going to do next. 

We seem to notice as characters begin to grow into their full potential.  Even Rudy Huxtable grew up (on the Cosby Show), Christopher became a made man (in Sopranos), and in the last season of Entourage, even Turtle became a millionaire. 

Though we find ourselves almost connected to these characters, they’re not real.  It’s just a show, but we can still relate to them, because we know we must face the same types of issues in our own lives.  If we were to watch our own lives back, through the seasons, I'm sure we'd notice subtle changes, developments, and growth...personally and professionally. 

Maybe this is obvious, but then again, maybe it is worth mentioning.  In our own lives, in the real world, we’ll have great days and we’ll have bad days.  We’ll have fun times and we’ll have incredibly annoying situations to endure along the way.  We’ll enjoy success one minute, and seemingly struggle to find our way the next. 

We’ll have good seasons and we’ll have bad seasons

It happens.  Life happens.

Keep looking up, being you, and doing the right thing.  More often than not, we look back and realize that’s what got us here (wherever we may be) in the first place. 

One for the road…

Last week a dear friend of mine and her husband were in Las Vegas on vacation.  We had a chance to catch up; we talked about old times, our many mutual friends, and brought each other up to speed on what’s new in our lives. 

We’ve been friends since the summer of 1999 – 15 years ago.  We exchanged emails once she got back to Florida.  We both shared with each other that we still think of our old crew, the fun times interning at Disney, and the glory days in our 20’s. 

I loved what she wrote back:

I agree - I think about everyone so often - it's just so hard to believe that it was all 15 years ago this much life has happened since then and because of then!  Continue to do great things in Vegas; you’re at a really nice spot and only good things will keep happening for you!

Thanks, to my dear friend Jess Hodge Barnes, for reminding me that ‘so much life has happened since then and because of then.” 

When we feel down in the dumps, we should remind ourselves that life happens…in seasons.  While today’s circumstances may not be ideal, what we do with the cards we’re dealt today impacts how great tomorrow (or next week or next month or next year) will be. 

Have a great day.


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