Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Captains...Steer 'SHIPs

Captains Steer ‘SHIPs
Everybody wants to be “The Captain”.
As we deal with people – at work, at home, or in the community…it seems like ‘everything would just be easier, if we were in charge…if only we were the so-called, “Captain” of the ship’. 
But is it really that easy?
You see ‘Captains’ of any team – sports teams, work teams, or otherwise must steer ‘SHIPS…


Above all else, true captains must be leaders.  They don’t need to be “bossy”…just leaders.  Most of the time, the captains that emerge are not even defined by title, but instead they lead by example.  Regardless of the official “title”, leaders LEAD – they Listen, Educate, take Action, and Deliver for their teammates.
Consider the “Team Captains” on sports teams…take the stars of this year’s NBA Finals – Lebron James & D. Wade for the Miami Heat and Tony Parker & Timmy Duncan for the San Antonio Spurs.  Watch them, and notice the connections they have with coaches, teammates, fans, and even the media.  It’s apparent that they spend time fostering relationships with the people around them.  That’s one of the reasons so many people gravitate toward them, respecting them as team captains.
Captains realize that despite their superior talent, they can’t ‘do it alone’.  They’re never afraid to rely on their partners.  Russell Wilson has to trust his offensive line to protect him, and if/when plays breakdown, he has to trust his teammates to make plays…because he simply can’t win games on his own.  Captains understand the importance of maximizing true partnerships that result from the meaningful and productive relationships they foster with teammates.
FellowSHIP, FriendSHIP, & CompanionSHIP
Think about the most likeable people on your contact list in your phone.  Think about the most inspiring leaders you’ve ever known.  Consider your most trusted partners at work.  Chances are the people that come to mind make it a point to develop a sense of community with those around them.  They don’t lead through fear or power.  Instead, they gain credibility and admiration as a result of their compassion and genuine interest in other people.  With credibility and admiration comes likeability, and a person’s likeability is what makes them someone worthy of following.
Perhaps this one doesn’t come to mind as often as the other “SHIPs” listed above. 
I love this Merriam-Webster definition of stewardship:
The conducting, supervising, or managing of something; the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care  
True captains understand that it’s not all about them.  In fact, they know and understand that the very thing they’re captaining doesn’t even belong to them.  That’s what makes them special…because while they understand that ‘it’ doesn’t belong to them (the team, the office, the building, the situation, or the project), they step up and take full responsibility anyway, as if it were their own. 
Lebron and D. Wade don’t own the Miami Heat, but they carry themselves, on and off the court, as if they do.  They relish opportunities to represent their owners and fan base, as the face of the franchise.  In turn, the Miami Heat organization, from the front office to coaches to players to the city of Miami entrust their fate in Lebron and D. Wade. 

The OneMoreStep thought is simply this:
For anyone who thinks they’re so low on the totem pole that they’ll never make an impact…and for anybody worried that their unique talents and hard work might never be good enough to be noticed…if we’ll just keep steering ‘SHIPs, we too can emerge as “Captains”.
Because Captains…steer ‘SHIPs!
Have a great day.

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